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  1. Ahmirof

    How many social signal is enough?

    What's your idea about it? What is your criteria to get social signal?
  2. Ahmirof

    Why i'm no-where in SERP ? (No rank)

    My domain is 4 month old, and it's an ecommerce website, no blog or articles, just 6 products and company pages(About, contact ,...). all pages got indexed, have good conversion rate, but they don't have any rank. Why? i got some social signal for them and few quality backlinks, but didn't...
  3. Ahmirof

    Which company do you use to save your online income?

    Maybe it sounds strange for people live in Europe or USA, but it's a daily situation for someone from third world and restricted country who just use crypto and stealth accounts and afraid of getting scammed by Paypal. so thinking about legalize and normalize my online works with A llc in usa or...
  4. Ahmirof

    Which SMM websites have most user Traffic?

    i saw jap web traffic is, 730K! do you know any other Panel with this amount of traffics?
  5. Ahmirof

    Need suggestion for (Virtual service) single product page UI/UX desgin

    Hi, I'm selling SMM services on WordPress (WooCommerce + Elementor) and default WooCommerce single product design (Product page and short description on top and tabs for description and review ,... on below) for virtual services is looking weird too me and not attractive for these kinds of...
  6. Ahmirof

    [Need Suggestion] for Email marketing

    Hi, My Email marketing life is just read some articles and watched some YT videos without any experience. I want to start an email marketing campaign, and I want your suggestions to see which gaps should be filled My purpose : Bulk Email to targeted users to buy my service (Something like email...
  7. Ahmirof

    [Need Suggestion] for Formal Brand's conent Strategy

    Hi, let me start with an example to explain what I mean, Assume that you're a social media marketer, or social media account manager, and the brand is one of these below: Companies, which has limited targeted leads, like Gas/Oil companies which the main Targeted customers are Governments or a...
  8. Ahmirof

    Is there anyone who knows how to work with Octoparse?

    Hi, As the title says, I need a quick help for creating task on Octoparse scraper
  9. Ahmirof

    [Need help] with combined website Index issue

    Hi, I have a website that contain WordPress and a script, it's like my website has two part. The script is in "" and it is indexed in the Google without any specific action. But the problem is the WordPress side. I always use Yoast but it's my first experience in rank math...
  10. Ahmirof

    How find a 9-5 job?!

    I'm exhausted! I F***ed up in the pressure of self employment and entrepreneurship, I want a break for a few months from +10 Hours work, High tention and stress without any finish line. I was CEO a factory,CEO of two companies,Life has Up and down and became Digital entrepreneur, with Master...
  11. Ahmirof

    (Need help) with Indexing Issue

    Hi, I created a new website and added few products in it almost 3 weeks ago, all the pages indexed except the Products, It says "Discovered - currently not indexed" I never experience indexing issue in the last 10 years. Furthermore, I tried API indexing & Search console index request many...
  12. Ahmirof

    [Need Suggestion] For using proxy (Manage 100 Account)

    Hi, I never bought Proxy in my life, and I just used VPN or free proxy, now I want to create 100 accounts in each of these Networks :(IG, FB, Reddit, Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn) and i need proxy to create and manage them for auto engagement and child/parent method. Which proxy solution or type I...
  13. Ahmirof

    Need suggestions for Crypto Pump and Dump auto trader

    First i want to thank to people who want to tell me pump and dump is dangerous, risky, ... You're right! But in this thread I'm looking for a script for auto trade for Pump and dump or initial listings, i found one in GitHub but i need your suggestions if you know any tools or script that can help
  14. Ahmirof

    [Need Suggestion] for elementor Multi Tab Image Gallery with Load More Button

    As you know Elementor Pro Gallery Doesn't have Load more Button, I tried some code but wasn't successful and tried some different Galleries and wasn't helpful. Do you know any Wordpress or Elementor gallery that can be Multi tab and Have Load more button and can add bulk Images (200 images...
  15. Ahmirof

    [Need Suggestion] to buy USA number

    Its not a WTB thread, So don't move it to that forum. I was using Textnow and paid to lock my number, and after some months they scammed me. Now i'm looking for an alternative to buy a Virtual USA phone number that can use in PayPal and can receive SMS and calls just like Textnow or a better...
  16. Ahmirof

    [Question] What is the best diversity strategy in Link Building?

    Today I was searching for a keyword in SEMrush, and it says "need to have 40 referring domains" to compete for the keyword, I was thinking about the best diversity percentage formula! With consideration about Tier link building, related is better, Guest post is better & .... What is the...
  17. Ahmirof

    [Question] Do you P2P exchange for PayPal to USDT without verification?

    The title is telling everything, looking for an exchange that can buy USDT by PayPal without verification, or a verification that can be passed in the second most sansaction country in the world. Prefer under %10 fee until get in my wallet
  18. Ahmirof

    Should I forget website design service forever?

    i started Digital Marketing services as a side hustle 13 years ago (mainly with website design) and since 2 years ago as a full time job. In the last 2 years my source of income was from drop-servicing and reselling, and I couldn't sell even 1 website, and my main hope and interest was make at...
  19. Ahmirof

    [Question] What is the benefit of redirect backlinks and how they work?

    Hey, I'm not talking about redirecting domain or page to another one. I saw people talking about GOV backlinks Like this bellow: IDK their name is Redirect backlink or what, but i didn't understand if...
  20. Ahmirof

    [Question] High quality Website backlink building strategy for Homepage

    Hi , I just started building backlinks from some high-DA websites for some of my new products. Do I need to build backlinks from similar website for my homepage too? For example for profile links, Do i need create for both product page and homepage? or just a product is enough and homepage will...