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  1. pepeneo

    Unethical competitor that spins our content and takes images

    tthere are plenty of plugins that enable right click so that ain't gonna work
  2. pepeneo

    Q4 is coming!!! Are you excited!!!

    im not really, google has been f ing me over for the past 4 years, google always makes an update in November my sites tank and they recover in januarry, 4 years in a row without a fail before that i would easily make as much money in December as in the rest of the year, but now nov and December...
  3. pepeneo

    Are you making $1k with your site

    yes, yes, people will be jumping on providing you with niches and keywords that make 1k who knew it was this easy to find a good niche
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    Cold calling affiliate plan ? Is it good?

    it depends on how good you are at bullshit, if you can convince women to sleep with you the first time you meet then you are a good sales person if you gonna try to sell the VPN by listing all the benefits... nobody gonna care and they will just hang up you have to convince them that they need...
  5. pepeneo

    Bank domain name

    they won't buy it, its their trademark, in the eyes of the law they own it, also don't fuck with banks
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    Recommend me a good VPS for SEO tools like gsa, rankerx etc

    I used some good vps's in the past but i forgot their name and thank you in advance
  7. pepeneo

    Google Sandbox or just bad content?

    You are on the right path, as long as the impressions are slowly increasing you are golden the sandbox is not per site, but per article, this sandbox period will be lower once your site is established, eventually you will be able to rank in one day if you have the authority for it
  8. pepeneo

    help me decide my future project / 6 months money making website

    go with the second one seo for cpa is extremely competitive, and once you rank there are high chances that your site gets deindexed or penalized as your competition will report you
  9. pepeneo

    Gutenberg Vs. Classic Editor : Your comfort level

    I hate Gutenberg, there are a lot of features missing in WP, instead of adding these they reinvented the editor... in their effort to streamline it they made it harder to use. once the classic editor is no longer available I will just switch to some other platform. Time is money, and we don't...
  10. pepeneo

    How long to earn $6k/mo with digital marketing?

    10 posts in 8 weeks, is extremely low i doubt the site will ever reach 6k/mo but you might make 1k/mo in 4-5 years
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    Monitor paid backlinks, are they still alive, what tool?

    you can use an index checking tool, just insert the list and you will see which ones are indexed i think dom detailer had something like that but I haven't used it in years, so u have to ask the creator of it
  12. pepeneo

    Bing Indexing Algorithm

    maybe try to link to one or two of those authority sites, might help
  13. pepeneo

    Please Read This How to reduce Moz SpamScore fast ? This is emergency Case for my client

    no his client has a specific request "reduce Moz SpamScore" he obviously has no clue how to do it, but already promised his client that he can do it and probably has already made a goot chunk of money off the client so who exactly are we helping here?
  14. pepeneo

    Bing Indexing Algorithm

    bing has a submit url section bing will rarely index pages with kw's that have 0 searches, oftentimes it will just show authority sites vaguely mentioning the subject
  15. pepeneo

    Please Read This How to reduce Moz SpamScore fast ? This is emergency Case for my client

    well you took the job... and you are obviously qualified so you tell us how to do it....
  16. pepeneo

    Geting no views on method that works

    so all we have to do is to search for cams, and look for the ones with CPA offers got it, and thank you
  17. pepeneo

    Geting no views on method that works

    " Geting no views on method that works" well it's clearly not working anymore...
  18. pepeneo

    How Do You Complete Quota Of 100 Posts To Become Jr.VIP Member?

    my question is what do you want to sell or scam once you are jr VIP?
  19. pepeneo

    My Best Friend cheated on me and now I owe 15k to the bank...

    look, its a personal loan which usually means that you did not guarantee with anything for it. in worst case scenario the bank will sue you, you will lose, then a % of your monthly salary will go to the bank. in a couple of months credit recovery agents will start calling and threatening you to...
  20. pepeneo

    How we Increase The website Traffic..

    they are best for parting noobs with their money, these metrics are extremely easily manipulated, and most vendors simply increase these stats because they can get more money this way. then buyer complains that after thousands of dollars of "hq" backlinks they still ain't ranking Making a real...