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    SpamZilla - Search Millions of Domains with Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, SEMRush & SpamZilla Data!

    Check Out This Video About SpamZilla Frequently Asked Questions You can read through many FAQ's on our wiki page at we also have video tutorials on our YouTube Channel What payment options do we offer? We accept PayPal and will soon be adding Stripe. What is the...
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    Moz API Not Returning PA

    Anyone else noticed the Moz API isn't returning PA at the moment?
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    Amazon Affiliate Site - Rich Snippets Study

    So when you want to rank a KW that has Best <Product Name> or <Product Name> Reviews (not including KW modifiers like 2017), always have a table on your page, ALWAYS!! As most the time the serp has a snippet. The format of the table must always be the same with columns along the top with...
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    PBN Guidelines - Domain Registration

    This is a continuation of my little series (First Post) of posts about different aspects of PBN's. If anyone has any tips to add to this, please share them and help the community. When registering your PBN domains it’s good to plan a little before diving in. This can be dependent on the size...
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    PBNHQ - Registrar Comparison Tool - FREE

    Hey folks we just made a new blog post about our latest Registrar Comparison Tool. Check it out and let us know what you think.
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    PBN Guidelines - Content Methods

    Say you want to build a 20 site PBN, you want each site to have at least 3 blog posts, plus the About Us, Privacy, Contact Us pages etc. This all adds up to plenty of content. If you're a seasoned PBN builder then you'll already have your methods for obtaining your content. If you're happy to...
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    DOMAIN RONIN - The Expired Domain Crawler - Robust. Efficient & Blazingly FAST!!

    Frequently Asked Questions What payment options do we offer? We accept either PayPal or credit card (Via Stripe) What is the best way to contact us? There is a support form you can access from the bottom right hand corner of any page on What operating systems can...
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    Carrier redirect script

    I've been into the mobile marketing scene for a short time now and starting to ramp up and few sms campaigns. I was wondering if anyone might have a carrier redirect script for sale? I'm very interested in any information regarding this. Thanks.
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    Need someone in the US with a cell phone to test something...

    Hey Guys, I want to test something out and just need someone in the US with a cell phone. I just want to test something out and I'm based in Aus. If anyone can help out please pm me.
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    Click Twitter link (.vbs)

    I'm trying to make a .VBS script to click on a link from a Twitter tweet. For example, you'll find any link there. I understand using: objExplorer.Document.All.Item("button_ID").Click But for Twitter the link doesn't have an "ID" <a href=""...
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    I need a designer for my homepage

    Hey Guys, I would like to hire a quality design to redesign the homepage of my website. If you have experience in this please drop me a message and I'll provide you the details etc. Thanks.
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    Searching for "Joomla" brings up nothing?

    Hey guys, I hate the people that don't use the search feature on this site and at the moment I feel helpless. I seen the jreviews component on here a few weeks back and when using the search feature for "jreviews" or even "joomla" I'm getting nothing back. I checked the DNS list and...
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    Need help to convert current site to WP

    Hey all, I have a site that I would like to move to WP. I have the site already up and running but would prefer to move it to WP for better SEO performance etc. If anyone could please offer their services it would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  15. drstew

    Can you use a Gaypal VCC for Adwords?

    Hey all, I understand that you can generate vcc's with a US verified gaypal account and I was just wondering if these can then be used to verify an adwords account?
  16. drstew

    Best Ways To Monetize MySpace Friends??

    I was thinking it would be good to get some ideas on the best way to monetize your MySpace friends. MySpace is very spammy so it seems you need more and more friends to generate any kind of $$. Someone mentioned on BHW you can message your female friends asking if they would be interested...
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    No Computer and I make $100-$200 a Day!!

    Well I have to get this out cause I think its pretty funny. I have been working at this BH stuff for about two months now and can say that I'm now earning $100 minimum a day and its all pretty much on autopilot ;) The main thing that I find funny is not the fact that there are people out there...
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    :wt: FaceBook spammer fined $1 Billion

    Hey guys I was just reading this article and thought some people might be interested if they hadn't seen it already.
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    Adwords Vouchers 100$ anyone?

    Hey peeps, I read on dp that a dude is selling a .pdf contain a link to a 100$ voucher adwords signup page. Would anyone know of this link? Does anyone know how to get a consistent stream of vouchers other than creating a new account and those links where you enter your website and phone...
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    Exchange Liberty Res for $$

    Hi all, I need to deposit some funds into my LR account so that I can make a purchase and was wondering if anyway is willing to help me out with the exchange? I'm willing to pay 15% on top of the amount.