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  1. Tristan Hektor

    How Long Does it Take Till Google Disavow Links?

    Maybe someone has experience with it?
  2. Tristan Hektor

    How Long Does it Take Till Google Disavow Links?

    Hi guys, I uploaded disavow file to the search console month ago and still see that result: 533 domains and 0 URLs are disavowed How long does it take till Google approves my file? Thanks.
  3. Tristan Hektor

    Google Update - May 27th 2022 - What I Have Noticed

    This update is absolutely non-sense. Has anyone experienced a drop like this and are any solutions to recover? My website has 100% on Google page speed, but still doesn't pass Web Vitals, can it be an issue? Any steps from now, or should I wait till the next update? Any ideas?
  4. Tristan Hektor

    Keywords Randomly Became Unranked, Traffic Dropped, What Now?

    So basically, the solution, as I get it, is to wait for 3-4 months (till the next google update would be the best) see how it goes and still not recovery - need to buy a new domain, repost all articles with same URL's, meta and etc and redirect links from old website to new one, correct? About...
  5. Tristan Hektor

    Keywords Randomly Became Unranked, Traffic Dropped, What Now?

    Hello, One day I woke up and noticed that a lot (most) of the keywords on my website became unranked (image is attached). Can anyone recommend a solution here? I already checked the search console, there is nothing about the ban and so on. Looks all good, except a big drop in rankings. Any...
  6. Tristan Hektor

    Is it worth to create website catalog Business?

    Currently, I'm looking for more niches to join (currently, I have some affiliate projects + small agency). Anyway, I thought I might invest and create a catalog of websites. I would like to ask people who have already tried or currently own the same business? Any tips or experiences/mistakes to...
  7. Tristan Hektor


    Are followers for these accounts real? Interested in buying some.
  8. Tristan Hektor

    New Google Algorithm Update Aimed At Product Reviews

    How do you guys solve the problem that amazon requires to use their image via API? They said that if you are going to use another Image their could ban your account.
  9. Tristan Hektor

    404 Inner Product Pages - Redirect or Not?

    I have a clear simple questions because noticed some rank drops. We have a Shopify e-commerce store and have had TOP 5 rankings for almost all of our categories. Anyway, one day we decided to run a test and see how many products have 404s. We found around 20 with 404s and decided to 301...
  10. Tristan Hektor

    Fully automated Job Board, Sell Job Post And Adsense $300 Plus/Month Easy Passive Income

    Hello, Can you prepare a website in my local languages according to my needs, also I don't need API's. The First 10-20 job ads will be uploaded manually and later we need just free job posting with admin approval. Thanks.
  11. Tristan Hektor

    Product Review Images for Affiliate Websites

    Well, I heard that you need permission from the owner in case you want to upload a product image on your server. Also, I read some posts where people said that. they got banned just because they were uploading images on their server. Amazon recommends using SiteStripe and with their API web...
  12. Tristan Hektor

    Need Advice for Financial Niche

    Hello, I run a quite popular local blog on the finance niche. Anyway, I completely lost how I could monetize even more. Currently, we have Etoro, Binance affiliate deals and integrated them into several "how-to" posts. Anyway, I feel that we are not completely using our website and niche and I...
  13. Tristan Hektor

    Product Review Images for Affiliate Websites

    Hello, I'm looking for ways how to improve my Amazon affiliate website and have questions related to unique images. According to the newest google update you need to use unique images for product reviews to improve your rankings and so on. According to Amazon affiliate terms, you should use...