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    Turboware EAC is Dead :( Any alternatives for mass email making?

    I need to make a ton of emails quickly (thousands) I used to use Turboware EAC but it's been dying and is finally dead. What Blackhat Tool are people using for mass email creation?
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    Seeking Email Blaster with High Deliverability

    Hi, Im in need of a recommendation for an Email service that will let me send 15M emails to a list of people for an adult related product. Any real recs? No random links please. I've had my share of time wasters :D
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    Email Service to send 15M emails

    Hi, Im in need of a recommendation for an Email service that will let me send 15M emails to a list of people for an adult related product. Any real recs? No random links please. I've had my share of time wasters :D
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    How are IG DM Services Run *Merry XMas Btw*

    Hey all, I've used a few great DM services in the past and was curious how are these working. Some of the people who come to my site are bots but not all so I'm curious. Is there some service <$2/k that offers a panel. I know all of these services dont own thousands of child accounts so Im...
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    To use Affiliate Aggregators or not?

    Hi. I have a sex toy and adult goods online store. I've decided to host an affiliate program giving 20%. Should I add something like this to Clickbank or is it better for the affiliate to go direct? Where would I promote to Affiliates if Im to go direct?
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    Penalties for Spamming Buffer Sites

    Does Google penalize mother sties attached to buffer sites that recieve SPAM links? I want to build GSA SER links to buffers and social links. Pretty sure G is smart enough to penalize though
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    SPAM - Email Mass Sending Dos and Dont's

    Hello. Im going to start pushing 20k emails a day to scraped emails sending them to a landing page. I think I should use a URL redirect as the landing page is connected to my mother site. But is there anything else I should be doing or not doing? Im sending a simple join my list form *if...
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    Twitter Phone Verification

    I've got a need to make a few Twitter accounts using emails I already have. I've tried 3 sites and can't find one that works with Twitter. Anyone know where I can PVA a twitter account these days? I might try to use my own number but it's 10 accounts :/
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    How to Monetize an Adult Blog (without selling porn)

    Hi I have a blog Im driving traffic to, I'm looking for places to get revenue without alienating my mostly millenial women audience. I was thinking things like sex toys and what not. But was sure there was a treasure trove of CPAs or something that would be suitable.
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    Domain Expiration Bot Help

    Hi Im looking to make a Domain Expiration bot to tell me when a site I want is available for purchase. I have no idea where to get this data but Im sure its open to the public. Where can I find it? Thanks *I dont want to use a service Im learning how to code so I want to do it myself.
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    Buy Meme Accounts and use?

    Hi I'd like to buy some high quality meme accounts on Twitter, insta, and FB but Im curious if this is a good model to follow to get traffic? I made meme accounts before on insta and they didnt seem to drive much traffic. Is this method still useful? If it is where can I find good quality...
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    2021 Monetization Techniques for Adult Blogs

    Hi, I have a blog about sex-positivity thats getting some pretty good traffic. Now I want to monetize without making it look trashy. I was thinking of a combination of Adult site aff/product links, and maybe banner ads (if those exist for adult related. Not porn).
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    Scrapebox vs. Quora = Scraping Questions

    I've been at this for quite a while and haven't found a good way to scrape the questions from a quora search ( I would like to get all the questions in a list for research
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    Scrapebox for Inluencer Research

    Does Scrapebox have a feature to help find influencers?
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    Trading Traffic Sites

    Hey whats the name of that site that let's you trade traffic for credits? I think you download something and it opens links on the page' I think it stared with the letter 'H'
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    Find demographics of competitors sites in 2021

    I might be too old-school but I remember when I could put in my competitor site and it would show demographics on Quantcast. Also I could put in demographics and it would show top sites. Is this no longer Quantcast? If not where can I find it? FB doesn't work, it doesn't have demographics...
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    Email Verification Software

    Im looking for accurate email verification software. Does anyone have any ideas? Or even know what steps are needed, if I would have a developer make it?
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    Email verification: More Trash from Scrapebox

    Has anyone gotten the email verification part of the premium email plugin, to work? I'm starting to see a pattern with Scrapebox plugins making promises and heavily under-delivering. I've made several attempts with proxies, and different ports with the same result. Either everything, including...
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    Cold Email in Dating *Outdated?* / Script Advice

    Hi I would like to know if cold emails in the dating industry no longer works. I tried in the past with lame results. My emails were usually something like "Hi I think you're cute" - auto-response was "Find me on xxx" Is this Auto-responder method whats outdated? Any scripts working for...
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    Mass Guest posting with (freelancers)

    Hi I've compiled a list of 6k pages that mentioned one of my keywords. I've noticed many dont make sense but I don't have the bandwidth to check each page. I was thinking of hiring a freelancer or 2 to go thru each link and find (or make) contact with the blog on my behalf. The goal being to...