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    Travel Agency

    i think you are 15 years to late to this game. also which country are you based out of? it does make a difference
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    Has web 2.0 died as a link building method ?

    dont make it too obvious. i am talking about up 3-5 links at time. these are you other tier 1 and 2 links. once they are indexed, remove them and do the next batch. NOT all of your tier 1 and 2 links should be indexed this way.
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    watch youtube ad-free without having premium account!

    had no idea! still it was funny on the video that I sent you guys to!!
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    Has web 2.0 died as a link building method ?

    if you create good post (not AI garbage) and connect it to google search console, you should be able to index it. use the index URL option in search console. remember, this web 2.0 will NOT having a direct link to your money site. it is used to index your other links.
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    watch youtube ad-free without having premium account!

    found a way to watch youtube video's ad-free. all you have to do is to insert a "-" in the word youtube. between t and u. sample: enjoy and your welcome!
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    Has web 2.0 died as a link building method ?

    these days, you wont be able to rank by using web 2.0. suggest to create web 2.0, get them indexed, connect to google search console, and use it to index your other links.
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    [GUIDE] How I rank top1-3 with high difficulty keywords with brand NEW domains.

    @razharov - is the number one ranked domain in your keyword, a .com or is it a country specific TLD?
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    How can I change my WordPress theme without affecting my SEO?

    if you change from generatepress or astra to any themeforest themes = ranking will go down the tube if you change from themeforest themes to generate press or astra = will notice substantial improvements in ranking. that simple. take a look at this...
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    [Giveaway]Envato element

    can I get this:
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    I'm going to make a money site. I'm thinking of making it with an expired domain, so what kind of expired domain should I buy to be effective?

    I know @Nargil already responded to you, but take a look at one of his old responses. Bookmark this!! read it twice. read it backwards. and read between the lines!!!! good luck
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    How to Increase DA PA value for a new website within short period of time?

    i think they put a patch in place and google redirects no longer increase DA metrics
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    please help me to download this movie

    why dont you download the torrent version: copy this magnet link into your torrent app...
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    SEO Playbook For 2023?

    did you go to sleep in 2014 and just woke up? i know you said you don't to hear about content, but content is playing more of a factor than before. you need to be able to address user intentions; better than the top site for your keyword. and solid hard to get backlinks.
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    Nofollow backlink useless?

    most top brand sites that are very strict in giving out links, only give out no-follow. Trust me: getting one of those links will do wonders for your ranking.
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    How to make a backlink?

    @True darkness - ignore what misterF mentioned. it is very easy to get backlinks. It takes no time. start with sending an email to sergey and larry and ask for a backlink from their homepage of their site. do the same with jeff at amazon. all 3 are super nice guys and will help you out...
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    Question about my competitor

    no and no more and more when I check with top sites in difficult niches, those who are ranked at the top, hardly ever look at their backlink profile. they don't care about shitty links. using disavow tool is telling big G that you are doing seo, and big G don't like that.
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    SEO Guide: Can I Have One Brand with Different Domains?

    big NO based on personal experience you are going to spend lots of time, money and energy to maintain all those sites and even getting them ranked to top position. your best bet is to focus on 1 domain and get to number 1 position for all the primary keywords. once you get there, then you can...
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    Question about my competitor

    this and also do note that most shitty links are ignored by google. just because a third party tool shows you shit load of shitty links, does not mean that google does the same.
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    to the above folks who replied to OP, how the F did you make sense on what he is asking! @nesmarieausan - please explain more with real example using Site A, Site B and who wants to rank to whom