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  1. JohnJackPro

    Sell t-shirt 2022 .

    Ok bro . Thanks for sharing .
  2. JohnJackPro

    Sell t-shirt 2022 .

    I'm not sure but they're fresh accounts bro . It's weird .
  3. JohnJackPro

    im new

    Welcome to BHW . Good luck with your journey .
  4. JohnJackPro

    Sell t-shirt 2022 .

    I'm making through Merch by Amazon bro . I always get banned when I'm trying to create account on Redbubble .
  5. JohnJackPro

    Bought an additional $4000 of Matic

    Matic is a potential coin/platform which charge less fee/low value . I'm holding $20 of MATIC .
  6. JohnJackPro

    Sell t-shirt 2022 .

    I already sold on Teespring and haven't tried on IG yet . Thanks for sharing and good luck with sales bro .
  7. JohnJackPro

    How do I close my blackhatworld account permanently

    I think that him is being joke and he got reality . ;)
  8. JohnJackPro

    Making great money in my job but hate it

    Do less time and relax more . Save the money and learn how to invest bro .
  9. JohnJackPro

    Sell t-shirt 2022 .

    ok bro . I will try . same as me .
  10. JohnJackPro

    How to start selling?

    I think the quality is first , then clearly/detailed content and some designs .
  11. JohnJackPro

    ⚡ [GIVEAWAY] - 500 Instagram Likes (NON DROP)

    I'm interested . Is it available bro ?
  12. JohnJackPro

    Sell t-shirt 2022 .

    Thanks bro . Let me check it . Yes . I'm going to design multiple designs . Good luck with sales bro .
  13. JohnJackPro

    Sell t-shirt 2022 .

    Hello BHW . Anyone make money with selling t-shirt on the platforms ? Is it profitable ?
  14. JohnJackPro

    Goals for 2022 and where are you with them?

    My goal : at least $1k/monthly from online .
  15. JohnJackPro

    Best WP plugin for making complex funnels?

    You used Funnel Builder for WordPress ?
  16. JohnJackPro

    The Earnings Screenshot Thread: Inspire a Beginner

    Great earning bro .
  17. JohnJackPro

    You can rank a brand new site with HQ content, NO BACKLINKs...(screenshot inside)

    Hi bro . What website did you buy high quality content ?
  18. JohnJackPro

    a rookie journey building a site from strach to 1K$/Month and learning along the way

    I'm following your journey . Keep it up and good luck bro .
  19. JohnJackPro

    US Phone number for PayPal Verification (Working in 2022)

    ok bro . I tried and it worked well a month ago .