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  1. shadow5

    Can anyone connect with me with a pro fortnite (or any other pro gamer?)

    Looking to connect with a pro gamer. Fortnite would be ideal, but I'm down for any other big game/er as well. REAL pros, not hot chicks playing games. I'll pay you $100 for the referral and $100 for a 30 min call with the pro. DM me if you got the connect!
  2. shadow5

    SHOPIFY EXPERTS - Anyone know this theme?

    Hey! Does anyone know what theme this is built on? Site: I tried looking and it's saying it's custom (or they removed the theme labels/data) " is built using Mother's Day Gift Guide" - which leads to nothing. Thoughts? Anyone recognize it?
  3. shadow5

    Aged Yelp Account Reviews (ELITE or OTHER)

    Hey all, I'm looking for help in increasing yelp presence, rating, etc... and MORE IMPORTANTLY - combating negative reviews from assholes on yelp for a friend of mine. Location: Los Angeles Send me a PM with capabilities, quotes, etc.. Thanks!
  4. shadow5

    I actually never posted one of these...

    So I guess I should finally give context on myself. I'm probably one of the ~100 best sales designers on the internet. I'm not the best sales designer in the world. I'm not even a rockstar designer. (in my eyes) However - when it comes to conversions - I design shit that sells. Sometimes...
  5. shadow5

    Link Diversity Strategy

    What's your current strategy on link diversity? Initially, do you find it best to build links to: A. Your main site pages (home, about, contact, etc) or B. Your content verticals (articles, cornerstone content, categories, etc.) Asking primarily when building brand, naked, and generic...
  6. shadow5

    Instagram Scraping (without limits) hypeauditor Q

    How is hypeauditor able to scrape data without being limited? I don't get it. IG no longer has a public api and they're grabbing a ton of data to calculate ratios. Comments, Quality comments, likes, quality of likes, etc... Not only that, but they're generating reports in like 7min. I can't...
  7. shadow5

    Followliker - New Account Setup (scraping not working)

    So typically, when I setup a new account... 1. I successfully login with the account 2. I begin scraping existing followers/following 3. I export the existing following and convert it into a whitelist for the user For some reason, it's not scraping the existing followers/following.... or...
  8. shadow5

    Quick Instagram User "Following" Scrape

    Hey! I need someone to perform a quick scrape of all the users an instagram profile is following. Shoot me a DM with what it will take. Thanks!
  9. shadow5

    Quora Expert (1000's of answers on Quora/day)

    I'm looking for a quora expert. I don't care if it's automated or manual - I just want results. Specifically, someone to help me out with answering and linking my site to thousands of questions on Quora. Please PM me with rates and what else you're capable of doing on Quora. Thanks!
  10. shadow5

    Constant Verification Issues (IG & Twitter)

    Anyone else automating a ton of accounts and running into a ton of verification checkpoints? My accounts are aged, have plenty of unique posts, and are all on unique proxies... But I'm running into a TON more verification checkpoints than usual over the past two weeks. Anyone else seeing...
  11. shadow5

    Cheapest Hosting Services for PBN?

    SO... what are we all using for our PBN hosting nowadays? Namecheap is obviously cheap. Hostgator isn't too bad. What other shared hosting companies are you guys using?
  12. shadow5

    Who knows about IFTTT?

    I'm looking to build an efficient IFTT to support my authority site. Is it better to... A. Build myself B. Find a service on here (any you recommend?) C. Go to Fiverr. I don't mind figuring it out as long as it's not TOO time consuming. However... I'm definitely willing to cough up the...
  13. shadow5

    General consensus on Pingback links? [2018]

    Hey All, Curious on what the community consensus on pingbacks is? Worth it or nah? And I don't only mean spam comment pingbacks. I'm talking about the auto pingbacks from blogs that you link out to from your sites/articles. I'm aware they aren't of HUGE value... but do you think it's worth...
  14. shadow5

    Software to Publish Tweets to 20+ Twitter Accounts (w/proxies)

    Hey All, So I'm currently running 20+ accounts on followliker Twitter Edition. One issue I'm running into is publishing tweets. Right now, my process is to open each account individually through followliker and post through there. It's proving to be cumbersome. Is there a software (like...
  15. shadow5

    Twitter Automation w/FL - Connected Accounts Question

    Hey All, So I've been messing around with 10 FL accounts on Twitter right now. All generating a decent amount of traffic to my destination URLs. I've got all 10 on their own unique private proxy. All of them that require phone verification also have their own unique number. Things are going...
  16. shadow5

    Recent FL (followliker) issues

    Is anyone else seeing a ton of new errors/issues with FL recently? I've been keeping an eye on BHW over the past week but I'm not seeing any real threads on straighforward issues... more alternatives to other services getting shut down. I've got a few accounts getting errors. (before last...