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  1. Almighty Pull

    Looking for a VA for wordpress site management

    Need a full time VA to maintain wordpress sites. Main job will revolve around making posts. Looking for with average wordpress and English skills. Contact via skype -
  2. Almighty Pull

    bluecoder not returning the funds i paid for an order

    Hello all, On May 21st, 2020, I placed an order for this BST for one of my clients in hopes of increasing the website domain authority to 40+ but due to delays we had to cancel the order...
  3. Almighty Pull

    [Help] Platforms for Instagram Influencer research

    Hey guys, Just wanted to know if there are any free Platforms for Instagram Influencer research. I want to find influencers for my clients, in the niche they want and as per the geography, engagement rates etc targets that they prefer. Any help would be highly appreciated :) Thanks
  4. Almighty Pull

    [Help] Working ways to index tier-2 links in bulk?

    Would appreciate any input to bulk index tier-2 backlinks (other than indexing services) . Thanks :)
  5. Almighty Pull

    A new manoeuvre to gain clients? New Age IM lol

    What do you guys think of a stunt like this? Sounds like the ceosam girl Just wow for me honestly :D
  6. Almighty Pull

    How should I respond to this SEO ask of the potential client?

    Hey guys, A potential client wants me to increase the authority of one of his websites (fashion products) from the current DA of 11 to 50. He asked me to give him a definitive package and a timeline to achieve this goal. He doesn't want to focus on traffic or anything else, just wants to...
  7. Almighty Pull

    [Giveaway] Index your links with Speed-links

    Hey guys, I have ~6000 links balance left in my membership which will expire in the next 15-16 hours. So, I'm hosting this giveaway to submit 100 links per person ;) Also, to prevent spam/abuse of the giveaway, these are the requirements:- 1. 2 months old account 2. 50+ posts First 60...
  8. Almighty Pull

    [HAF] Need someone to build a customized online e-reader

    Hello, Anyone with the expertise to take this on, please reply here or pm and let's discuss further. I am not looking for something fancy but one that serves the purpose. Thanks :)
  9. Almighty Pull

    [Help] Suggestion/websites for hosting my password protected videos

    Hello, I have a few videos (30-35, <2 mins length, ~500MB total) and I want to host them with password & download protection. Also, I should be able to update the passwords later on. I found vimeo as one such solution, but sadly, soon as I upload the videos, my account gets suspended (no the...
  10. Almighty Pull

    Need help in finding a thread

  11. Almighty Pull

    Reddit is Down?

    Is reddit down for you guys as well or me the only one facing this nightmare for the last 20 minutes? :(
  12. Almighty Pull

    [WTB] Fiverr Reviews

    Hello, I need 3-4 fiverr reviews for a gig in the next week or so. Need them from a buyer's account with previous orders. Payment in BTC. Please pm with offers. Thanks
  13. Almighty Pull

    Making Money Online - Programming vs SEO?

    I for one, actually believe SEO rules :D I wanna know specifically about the ROI in both these trades, both at beginner and advanced stages.
  14. Almighty Pull

    [Help] How to download files from Google Drive - Compressing Sucks

    Hello IMers, Need some help from you guys. I have stored a lot of files (400GB+) on google drive that I want to download but everytime I try to do so, google drive starts compressing the folders which eventually terminates the entire process. Also, Google drive makes small piecemeals of the...
  15. Almighty Pull

    [GoT Style] Happy Father's Day

    Cracked me up :D Happy Father's day!
  16. Almighty Pull

    [HAF] Urgently need someone to create funny building memes - $5 for 7 memes

    Hey guys, I need someone to create 7 funny memes for me. These should be funny and related to buildings. I will provide you the images, need them within the next 30 minutes. Thanks
  17. Almighty Pull

    [DOG THINGS] Good boy gets the happy hops when his human comes home :)

    This made my day guys, wanted to share with you as well :D
  18. Almighty Pull

    [Advice] Paypal f*king with me - My balance has vanished

    Hey guys, I added some money to refund a client but soon as I added it, it's gone. no where to be seen. The customer care says it should be in your account but its not. My mind is going crazy, any suggestions. Thanks
  19. Almighty Pull

    [Method] Get 1,000 private proxies for free

    Hello fellow BHW IMers, I just got my hands on a website that provides 1,000 private proxies for free for each user. Link Below in comments. CATCH:- Total Bandwidth limit - 1 GB ONLY but still can be very useful if you utilize it properly ;) Eligibility:- Likes Count > 50 P.S. to Mods:- I...
  20. Almighty Pull

    [JV] My sea of VPS + Your Monetization Method

    Hey guys, Recently I got my hands on a lot of VPS servers (50+) and but I don't have the time to cook up a plan to make some cash off of them. They can all have windows 10 or linux/ubuntu option is always there. Their config can be anything between 1gb ram, 1cpu, 25gb ssd to 8gb ram, 4 cpu...