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  1. AngelSeo

    Possible Google update 09.08 2022 or its the fire?

    Hey fellas, Massive movements worldwide at the SERPs this morning - its another Google update, or half of the links database burned: How`s your websites going?
  2. AngelSeo

    How to use Google cloud to index pages?

    The title say it all. Someone posted that is "the best way" to use Google cloud, but no explanation. So, anyone? :)
  3. AngelSeo

    Difference in Analytics and the Search Console?

    Hey guys, I noticed big difference between GSC and Analytics, anyone any idea why? GSC shows over 700 clicks for the given period Analytics about 250 for the same period Usually is the other way around - analytics detecting all kind of bots that are not shown in GSC and what not, but showing...
  4. AngelSeo

    Problems with SEO titles

    Hey guys, Did you notice Google fuck up your SEO titles recently? Like missing keywords, entirely abandoning them and using H1 instead etc?
  5. AngelSeo

    [HAF] Someone from Armenia to make a few local Google searches for me?

    As the title say - I need someone from Armenia to do some local searches for me (VPNs there are rare and doesn't really show what I want to see). Ill pay $10 (PayPal / Revolut) to make the searches for me and send me screenshots.
  6. AngelSeo

    US regulators in a road to break the big tech companies

    Thats pretty good news for us, people in the IM :)
  7. AngelSeo

    [HAF] Looking for someone to create me "login" type of website.

    Hey guys. As the title says I am looking for someone to create me "login" type of website that scrape and autocreate pages. Expecting offers only from devs who have experience with this and already had created such websites. PM me with offers and if you have any questions about the job. Regards
  8. AngelSeo

    Question - Mass linking to many URLs

    Hey guys, I am testing something with parasite SEO and I need to build lots of links to lots of URLs - like 50-100 or more links to each of 5000+ URLs. Any tool that can help me automate this? The quality of the links is irrelevant- the target site is just strong enough to survive even 500k...
  9. AngelSeo

    International targeting on URL level (subfolder) in Google search console?

    Hey guys, Did anyone have experience with GEO targeting on URL level in the Google search console? For example adding various URLs: And use the international targeting option in the GSC to target the corresponding countries? I wonder if this helps...
  10. AngelSeo

    [HaF] Looking for working bulk index checker development.

    Looking for someone to make me working bulk index checker. Please PM me with offers. If someone know such (paid is fine) working solution feel free to share it.
  11. AngelSeo

    [HAF] Looking for Thai writer

    Hey guys, As the title says I am looking for Thai writer for gambling related content. If you are one or can recommend me someone - please PM me. Regards
  12. AngelSeo

    [HAF] Someone from Armenia to Google a few things for me?

    Hey guys, Need someone from Armenia to verify a few things in the Armenian SERP for me. No skills needed or anything and ill pay for your time.
  13. AngelSeo

    [HAF] Nigerian and Kenyan comment links.

    Hey guys, Looking for 10 or so Nigerian and 10 or so Kenyan relevant, manual comment links (sport, sports betting). Interested people PM me with prices for 10 links. Please note that I am looking for people if not native there, at least familiar with those countries and the Web there, so if...
  14. AngelSeo

    [HAF] Adding website to Google news

    Hello guys, Google changed how adding websites to Google news works (they claim that is automatically now), and now I am lost. Anyone willing to help me out with this please PM with details and price. Regards
  15. AngelSeo

    [help me]Adding website to Google news?

    Hey guys, Trying to add an website in Google news, but its changed now, and it seems that I can add only single news piece there? Anyone who did that recently to give me any clue how the f... this is working now?
  16. AngelSeo

    Massive SERP possition changes - possible rollback?

    Fellas, Today I see several websites with massive jumps/drops (30-40 positions up or down) - anyone else? Maybe Google is rolling back some of the changes they made in 4th of May update..
  17. AngelSeo

    Who did this?

    Who the f*ck of you mofos did this :D Ads for flat earth conspiracy theories site.. damn
  18. AngelSeo

    My traffic domain your monetizing / money site creation.

    Hey fellas, Its happen that I got possession of domain that have consistent traffic for the past few years despite being parking page all this time: I have no idea what do with it, and the parking page wont bring much. The domain is related to Filipino TV and traffic (majority is tier 1...
  19. AngelSeo

    Ahrefs is fixing the keyword updating problems and more

    Hey guys, As some of us noticed Ahrefs had problems with updating the keywords, and also changed how they calculate the search volume. Here the explanation by Tim Soulo