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  1. Albertkh

    Google Wallet Has Taken Over Google Pay !!!

    Gpay (Tez) India is different from US one. It's runs on UPI technology. Both app are not same.
  2. Albertkh

    ⭐️ Just found an expired domain that once belonged to an Indian bank ⭐️

    Nope. I had similar domain of Insurance company. I just let it expire. Don't take risk. Even in India, they take trademark very seriously.
  3. Albertkh

    Selling AWS CLOUD Accounts With Credits 5000$

  4. Albertkh

    The most beautiful woman in the world!

    Amy Jackson
  5. Albertkh

    How many plugins are safe to install WordPress site?

    Depends on your server's capacity
  6. Albertkh

    I used tiktok for the first time yesterday this is what I found

    Tiktok is coming back in India. Tiktok finally agreed government policy. So i think government will let them just like they unban Pubg.
  7. Albertkh

    HATE !!! Having to supply all those damn ID documents to adult platforms

    Exactly. OP doesn't understand the consequences. No matter where they host their site, legal authorities will take strict action against it.
  8. Albertkh

    HATE !!! Having to supply all those damn ID documents to adult platforms

    How will they verify whether the creator is 18+ without id?
  9. Albertkh

    [Giveaway] aws rdp windows

    Interested, if still available.
  10. Albertkh

    Making $200 per day with TikTok

    He must start using tiktok ads. Due to recent update views reduces drastically even for big creators. Tiktok is pushing creators to use their ads. In upcoming days tiktok ads cost will increase.
  11. Albertkh

    Making $200 per day with TikTok

    This method is outdated. Due to recent update. Tiktok views decrease drastically even for big creators.
  12. Albertkh

    How the TikTok algorithm works. A few of my observations

    Due to recent update. Views decreases drastically. I created new tiktok account. It's not getting any views. I think tiktok is pushing creators to user their ads just like other platforms
  13. Albertkh

    [FREE] SEMRUSH Reports

    Interested. Thanks
  14. Albertkh

    How does this lady have 40+ tiktok accounts? If anyone can help me solve this puzzle I will gladly cashapp you a tip.

    Yep they're buying multiple phones. I personally know one creator who bought 3 iPhones just for tiktok. She is not even top creator in onlyfans. But 40 is bit much. She might be using mobile proxies as well. And one can create multiple accounts in tiktok but they get ban early.
  15. Albertkh

    Amazon is retiring Alexa what do you think this is good or not?

    Alexa rank can be manipulated easily. It's not very useful
  16. Albertkh

    600 articles sent 100 indexed?

    Even some news site don't post 80 articles per day. You should focus more on generating traffic rather.
  17. Albertkh

    How Do You Karma Earn It?

    For comment karma: r/askreddit For post karma: mostly cute animal gifs and News subreddits.
  18. Albertkh

    What money traps should one always avoid ?

    Marriage is pyramid scheme
  19. Albertkh

    Sell back expired domain to company

    Well i tried selling one expired domain to real estate company in India a year ago. They didn't replied. I was little scared, so i let it expired. It's almost 4-6 months. It was available to register again. But they didn't register it. Maybe they don't care