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  1. imonboss

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    Discount Code Please. Also send me sample sites for Canada if You have. Thanks, imonboss
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    Competitively Priced Proxies for ALL Uses (UNLIMITED Bandwidth)

    Last month I bought proxies from you with one time payment option ticked. But yet I got charged $16 yesterday. One time payment clearly indicates that it won't be a recurring payment and yet you charged me. Why? Transaction #: txn_3MA0CLF2KaEWHvJ20OFfB32T
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    Free Trustpilot Reviews - Request yours below

    Can you remove negative review for gmb?
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    Authority Press Release Distribution with Google News Listing (FREE PR Writing)

    Send me the sample and the list you are going to send to... Interested in your 3PR package. Thanks, imonboss
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    Interested to review your link. Thanks, imonboss
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    Did not receive anything. Also, with sample please answer my query. Thanks
  7. imonboss

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    I have received a review copy in exchange for this review. @rayi I am really sorry for being a late reviewer. Here goes: I have received different types of links for my business and the link quality was good. I received 3 web 2.0 submission, 3 classified submissions, 2 profile links, 2 quora...
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    Can you tell me about avg. DR of your domains? Also are they pbn? Please send me some sample. Also, can I handpick from your list? Thanks, imonboss
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    Free Review Copies For Kaizer PBN Backlinks Services

    Interested if available. Thanks, imonboss