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  1. imonboss

    Product is no longer available in amazon. But I have top 10 review contents

    So, I have rechecked some of my contents recently and found out that some of the products that I reviewed are no longer available. Now, what do you think I should do to revamp the content and update it with new running products: 1. Drag up the available product reviews to the top, and push down...
  2. imonboss

    Need someone with skillset in Python and Wordpress Automation

    If you are capable of doing this, or have previous experience of doing it, contact me. I will explain the project once you respond. Thanks, imonboss
  3. imonboss

    Need one Python Developer for writing a custom script

    I am looking for someone who is very efficient with python and building custom scripts. Interested people please ping me here. Newbies are highly discouraged to apply for this position. No hard feelings! Budget: negotiable Thanks, imonboss
  4. imonboss

    [HAF] Quick $20 Work: I need 4 Articles, 500 words each, in next 10 hours

    Title pretty much says everything. If you are ready to roll, leave me message or comment here. Your writing skill does not have to be something out of the world. There are lots of $7/1000 words writers available in marketplace. I would request someone of that standard to apply. Payment after...
  5. imonboss

    [HAF] Fixed Job: Need Google Shopping Ad Expert!

    Here is what I need from You: 1. You will teach me how to rank my website in No 1 or 2 Position for every product in google shopping ad. 2. You will teach me in and out of the shopping campaigns for best ROI so that if a product loses its ranking, I can retain it. 3. And anything else that will...
  6. imonboss

    Aussie Gov is throwing punches at Big G

    Aussie Gov wants Google to pay for siphoning contents from sites and putting them into snippets. Big G in response threatened to pull off their activity from Australia.
  7. imonboss

    [GET] 2 Microsoft Azure Pay As You Go Accounts with £150 Credit For Free

    Requirement: You must be Jr. VIP with min 100 Posts This is not first come first serve. I will pick two and send you details. Thanks, imonboss
  8. imonboss

    Can I aggressively interlink Pages from Pages, or Posts from Posts?

    Let me clear that out for you. Suppose I have 14 money contents on my site. What I have seen so far that couple of exact match type interlinking to a money content actually boosted its ranking and without any backlink it came within top 15. Few Strong PBN links will secure its position in top...
  9. imonboss

    Need Someone for 6 Product Reviews + Policy Page Writing

    I need someone who can efficiently write 6 product reviews (around 300 words each) and some policy pages and about our company page. I will pay $8-$10/1k words. Products do not need much research since they are very popular And for policy pages i will direct you the pages to follow. I need...
  10. imonboss

    Bing aka Microsoft Shopping Ads - Are you running this?

    I had a good run with Google Shopping couple of months ago and made around $12,000 in pure profit. And then...... They have updated their Google Merchant Center Policy and bam! all my cpa sites got disapproved eventually led to full account suspended. And that was not me only as I have seen...
  11. imonboss

    Multilogin/adspower + luminati residential ip

    I need someone who can help me to successfully assign luminati residential ip to multilogin or adspower. You need to teach me how to do that via anydesk or team viewer. I will gladly pay 20 bucks to whoever can help me out. Thanks, imonboss
  12. imonboss

    [Finally Jr VIP].... The Color HAS TURNED BLUE

    It was an amazing feeling to change my status from Senior Member to Junior VIP. This must be one of many things where you have demoted from Senior to Junior and You are excited as F**k :p Now, Where is my secret forum solely meant for Jr VIP only :D:D. Someone lead the way please. All i can...
  13. imonboss

    SMSPVA Alternatives

    Hey Blackhattian, I am looking for smspva alternative as smspva does not offer Australian phone numbers. Do you guys know any free to paid option for getting AU numbers. Your answers will be appreciated. Thanks. imonboss
  14. imonboss

    Need Stripe VCC

    Hello, I need Stripe VCC to add. Please message me if you have working Stripe VCC. Ready to pay $30 Thanks imonboss
  15. imonboss

    I need Paypal VCC for Australia and New Zealand

    I need AU and NZ Paypal vcc in bulk. I will buy 10 at a time. Ready to pay $5 each. Ping me up if you have. Thanks, imonboss
  16. imonboss

    Need Cheap VCC for Paypal Australia

    If anyone got, just hit me up. I need in bulk. Thanks
  17. imonboss

    Need Residential IP for Facebook and Google Ads

    Title pretty much says the whole thing! Let me know if you have. Thanks, imonboss
  18. imonboss

    [WTB] VCC for Stripe

    I need stripe vcc to verify their credit card verification. If anyone offers please respond with your offer. Thanks, imonboss
  19. imonboss

    Which Parasites are currently working?

    I have never tried this Parasites thing. After reading a few parasites success on bhw, I am looking forward to giving this a shot. Here is a list of what I have found to have worked in the past: 1. 2. page 3. 4. 5. 6. 7...
  20. imonboss

    how to redirect from https to http

    I am not a technical nerd and never faced a problem like this ever before. So, I kinds lost in here. This is something I need to do and I need help from those who have coding knowledge and played with htaccess file before. If i don't do this, i can't access my site at all which sucks due to ssl...