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  1. SunnyLeon

    Have you noticed an increase in hacked websites lately?

    Checking my backlink reports I can see a huge increase in backlinks from hacked websites like website/random-letters/clearly-hacked-html-page. I always get those but now I can see them across most of my websites and in very high numbers.
  2. SunnyLeon

    Need help with those darn chinese spammers

    So I just noticed that the index area of the google console for one of my websites just got 17.000 new indexed pages. These are searches made on the website with chinese characters. Now, of course, my search page is tagged noindex and nofollow for the whole website, so none of the links can...
  3. SunnyLeon

    Can someone please help me finish this HTML calculator script? It's driving me nuts..

    There is 5 Tablespoons (74 mls) of Whatever. I need: <select id="amount55" name="amount"> <option value=".25">¼</option> <option value=".5">½</option> <option value=".75">¾</option> <option selected="selected" value="1">1</option> <option value="1.5">1 ½</option> <option value="2">2</option>...
  4. SunnyLeon

    I need a professional writer

    I need a professional writer, native English speaker, to write 35 articles of about 1000 words each. I need a good price, but I also need good articles with research done and using proper grammar. Tat will be discussed, articles can be sent in batches so I can post them as they come.
  5. SunnyLeon

    Pinterest or Reddit pro needed for marketing.

    I need pro in either pinterest or reddit, with access to big boards/subreddits, that can bring 10k - 20k traffic naturally from either of the two social networks. It shouldn't be something that will have to stay months in sandbox, I need results ASAP. Please PM me with what you can offer and...
  6. SunnyLeon

    Guys I am in trouble, please help :(

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH He actually finished the mail with kind regards:))
  7. SunnyLeon

    Blog Indexed Pages Keep Goin Down

    Did you ever notice this issue before? I have a blog with over 1000 pages which I keep updating with newer content, around 50 articles per month. I find that I lose about 2-3 pages per month and the not indexed pages keeps going down. The website gets new articles indexed just great, but I keep...
  8. SunnyLeon

    Is CBD still a sensitive niche?

    Would you add content to a normal blog monetized with adthrive/ezoic/whatever related to weed or CBD? Is CBD still sensitive? Is that content approved for all ages or not yet?
  9. SunnyLeon

    Google Ads Threshold

    Any working accounts for Ads Threshold method for sale? If you can give me tips to work in restricted niches like supplements, that's a + for you:)
  10. SunnyLeon

    I need a big list of keywords

    Can anyone of you guys share the biggest possible list of keywords they might have? any keyword database regardless of niche.. The biggest I could find was 5 million, but I`m sure there are more..
  11. SunnyLeon

    And you Say that SEO is expensive..

    While people spend hundreds of dollars for just on link on some bogus niche blog or whatever, check out how cheap SEO is. I think i just found out how to get to the first place of Google for the word Google for $10 or so..
  12. SunnyLeon

    (JV) My Luxury Truffles, Your Customers

    I might be able to get my hands on bulk amounts of high-quality truffle mushrooms. Not candy, but real mushrooms to use as luxury ingredients. I might be able to get a good price for bulk amounts. I would need people from different countries with connections to restaurants (or who are willing to...
  13. SunnyLeon

    Mandatory Jr VIP thread, I became blue

    I am blue, but I`m not sad. I spent the kids' food money and 2 months worth of rent, will probably get evicted for doing so, but I am blue now. I do have 2 kidneys so I`ll most likely be fine. I have never thought it would be so amazing to be blue! I didn't have the opportunity to check out why...
  14. SunnyLeon

    Need motivation? How about a 3x 100$/day day?

    Just thought I`d give you guys just a little Thursday motivation. Just made a 3x 100$/day day. That means that 3 of my websites brought in over $100 in profits. It was a great day and I just wanted to share it with you. The thing is that I`m currently working on a project that only got about $7...
  15. SunnyLeon

    Incentive networks with worldwide offers?

    I think i asked before, but i’m not sure.. i want to work with worldwide incentive offers, anything free to complete.. i’m looking for offers for romania to be more exact..
  16. SunnyLeon

    Looking for World wide incentive offers

    I am building a country specific website and i need incentive cpa offers available world wide or in Romania.. the more, the better.. they can be as diverse as possible..
  17. SunnyLeon

    HeadsUp: NinjaBlaster doesn't work

    I just ruined a couple of old accounts trying the NinjaBlaster software. The thing is, with proxy or the real IP where the facebook account was made, not only was I unable to use the soft, but I got flagged as soon as it tried to log into my account from its incorporated browser. If the owners...
  18. SunnyLeon

    HAF - I Need HQ Youtube VIews

    I want some hq youtube views that stick and won't put the account in danger. I need them to be safe for the account and to stick. They're for a song, so I don`t need very long views, just around 3 mins, I think. I only need around 10k to start and test the service. Can anyone point me in the...
  19. SunnyLeon

    How do I apply for Ezoic?

    I have heard a lot about Ezoic lately and thought I should try it on one of my websites that was sitting at 11/12k users monthly. But I joined Ezoic, installed their plugin, was never asked to apply, or anything.. just added my website.. help?
  20. SunnyLeon

    Where do you trade your crypto?

    I was never into crypto, even though I made a few tens of thousands of $ when bitcoin was novelty, on a niche somewhat tangential to bitcoin. But now, I had to accept a payment and the only way the guy could pay was through bitcoin so now I have around $300 in bitcoins in my wallet. I can...