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  1. NicolaeP

    Merry Christmas Giveaway Thread!

    @Sartre Thanks for the giveaway . I hope I will win!
  2. NicolaeP

    Finally Jr. VIP

    Congratulations, I hope one day I can afford to upgrade to Jr.Vip myself.
  3. NicolaeP

    For the rest of your life, you can only use two of these socials. The rest have to go.

    Instagram and youtube. I don't use facebook for years and tiktok is not for me...
  4. NicolaeP

    [Giveaway] Free Upvotes!!

    I want upvotes
  5. NicolaeP

    Happy Birthday Romania

  6. NicolaeP

    Happy Birthday Romania

    1 December, Union day. Happy Birthday Romania!
  7. NicolaeP

    Keywords that drive traffic from first day of index

    Interested. I will send PM with analytics.
  8. NicolaeP

    Tell me again- Why exactly do u buy a seo service? - Presenting Dream's Seo- Agency Quality Links

    I was lucky enough to catch a review copy spot from the OP! What I got impressed me. The first thing I looked at was the infographic posted on about 30 image sharing sites, the infographic is also very well documented and I'll probably use it again. I also got a nice PDF report with press...
  9. NicolaeP


    I guess you didn't visit Romania for Christmas.
  10. NicolaeP

    Who Will Win The FIFA World Cup 2022?

    Iran for sure
  11. NicolaeP

    Who is your favourite at World Cup ?

    Last time I was right