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  1. tjtigers14

    Switching WP Themes on Active, Large Site? Do You Need VooDoo Magic?

    I've been working on this for a few weeks, and feel like i'm overlooking something. I consider myself pretty accomplished in IM and to not be able to do this is really frustrating! All I want to do is switch the Wordpress theme on a website. It's a very active website (300K visitors per month)...
  2. tjtigers14

    I'm Seriously Interfering with Fortune 100 Product Launch; How/If to Capitalize?

    The Situation (Holy Sh*t) I run a website that has a product review section. Recently a Fortune 100 company in my general niche released a product into the sub-niche of my product review section. This was its first attempt to enter into the sub-niche that my website is in, and this sub-niche is...
  3. tjtigers14

    Impossible healthcare costs for my high school youth minister, amazing woman...

    So this woman named Mary Jo was my youth minister back when I was involved with the Catholic Church. But she was never willing to bend to their closed-minded and ridiculous ideologies. She refused to teach us that gay marriage or abortion were bad, and had us explore other spiritualities. She...
  4. tjtigers14

    Cheapest Content You Can Get Without It Being Spun

    Can anyone refer me to a provider who sells terrible but unique (not spun!!) content? Looking for something like $1/500 words.
  5. tjtigers14

    I just got Neg SEOed...WHAT THE FUCK

    Somebody ordered a shit tons of sape links with exact match anchor text to two of my money sites. What can I do? I am freaking out right now
  6. tjtigers14

    Need Help with Christmas Gift Personalization

    Alright so I got my girlfriend's uncle in Secret Santa, and I"m getting him a personalized wine corkscrew. A few things: -2 lines, 15 characters each -His name is Bob Can you guys come up with anything awesome??
  7. tjtigers14

    Any Pleasant Pinterest People that could help me out? Trying to Rank an Account/Board

    So I created a Pinterest account that I was going to try and rank for a fairly competitive keyword. It was: . I don't know if the double keyword in the URL will affect how it ranks but I guess we'll find out. Anyway, my two issues are: 1. The account...
  8. tjtigers14

    Hiring Part Time Assistant for Various SEO/Marketing projects ($8/hour)

    So here's the deal...I need someone to help me grow and start various SEO and IM projects. I am past the point where I can just do it myself and would love to have somebody awesome join me. I'm looking to hire someone for $8/hour starting at 10 hours per week ($320/month), with the promise...
  9. tjtigers14

    Looking to Connect with Other Private Blog Network Owners

    I'm happy with the size, structure and effectiveness of my own fleet, but currently I am searching for a little bit more firepower for an upcoming project. Plus, I just love meeting other folks who enjoy the fine art of blog net construction, maintenance and implementation. If you're...
  10. tjtigers14

    Any blackhatters going to MOZCON this year?

    I'm going because I wanted to visit Seattle and because a friend of mine is going. Will any "evil" SEOs like myself also be attending? I'd love to meet up with some other folks who wear tainted hats in the land of the white hats ;P PM me or respond, I'd love to grab a drink!
  11. tjtigers14

    Using Scrapebox to Promote Affiliate Program?

    Okay so a few weeks ago I saw BHSVPS comment spammed some of my blogs, not for links but to try to get people signed up for their program. I was pissed at first but then realized this was pretty genius. What do you guys think about using Scrapebox to send comments to a bunch of blogs in my...
  12. tjtigers14

    Do you have 420 Traffic, Subscribers or Fans?

    If you have a lot of traffic, subscribers or fans in the marijuana niche, I want to talk about an awesome product that I created. It's called 420 Profits and it's a course that is aimed at stoners to help them get started making money online. It's actually really legitimate and I put a lot of...
  13. tjtigers14

    Postloop is cool as shit

    Okay so I created a product and made a forum just to add a little value. Before we launched, I signed up with PostLoop to get the forum populated with some content so the paid subscribers felt more satisfied. I was expecting generic threads and posts but what I got blew my mind a little bit. We...
  14. tjtigers14

    Need Some Payment Processing Help

    Okay so we have a membership site that teachers (real) ways to make money online. It's aimed at marijuana enthusiasts who aren't necessarily familiar with IM. Because of the marijuana aspect, we can't get approved on Clickbank. But we need a payment processor that allows us to accept credit...
  15. tjtigers14

    Just Hit 6 Figures for the Year...Need Tax Advice

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 05/18/2013 ---- Okay so I just hit 100K for 2013 and could use some tax advice. The main company I affiliate for will send me a 1099 and puts my earnings in the "Non-Employee Compensation" box. I know I'm looking at 25-30% taxes (fuck that, seriously) but is there any way I...
  16. tjtigers14

    One site has 40 visitors from other site but no outbound link? WTF?

    Okay so I had to come to BHW with this. But basically there is something weird going on between two of my money sites and I'm sketching out. One site has had 41 inbound visitors from the other since midnight. There is NO OUTBOUND LINKS pointing to the first site from the second. I am doing some...
  17. tjtigers14

    Need Badass Sales Page Using OptimizePress...Need Copy, Graphics and Layout

    I need somebody who can write and design sales pages that convert like mad. Decently large budget. Serious inquiries only, must have portfolio samples.
  18. tjtigers14

    My YouTube Account Was Suspended....I Think Because of the Boston Marathon Bombings?

    Okay so my personal YouTube account was just suspended forever. I can't get any of my personal videos back or create another YouTube account. This really sucks because I had some stupid shitty videos on there from my childhood that I made with my brother...they may have been stupid and shitty...
  19. tjtigers14

    Looking for a Reliable/Persuasive Grass-Smoking Grassroots Marketer

    I need someone savvy and more importantly RELIABLE who can put in 2-3 hours a day doing grassroots marketing and generating buzz for a product I have in the works. What is the project? It's a training course marketed toward stoners (but applicable to everyone) that teaches how to make money...
  20. tjtigers14

    [Journey] I'm Going to Monetize Stoners and Turn Them Into Internet Marketers :)

    Alright well first thing I'm going to ask of those reading this thread is, please tell me if you have any insight into the online pot smoking community. I've been going through all the forums and reading all the blogs and I honestly think this niche can pay out if I do this right. However, I've...