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  1. JavascriptPufferfish

    ftx and sol on death's doors?

    not super informed but ftx sounds screwed, SOL is in freefall and i have lots of withdrawals requested that may or may not pass through lol. this may be the poster child of "not your keys, not your crypto" for ages to come.
  2. JavascriptPufferfish

    tech news: pixel watch is finally launching october 6. prime topic for videos, tutorials and content locking

    I recently bought a galaxy watch 5 and I like it more than I thought so. pixel watch has a lot of hype going on, and google has delayed its launch for quite a while. thoughts?
  3. JavascriptPufferfish

    what are some general rules that you have found for designing good-looking websites?

    mine is a rather humble one: get your colors out of a color palette website, and your font combinations out of a good font pairing page. don't just wing it unless you have quite an eye and experience under your belt. also, keep animations to the absolute minimum. maybe buttons popping out very...
  4. JavascriptPufferfish

    payment gateway that european little business owners can trust and isnt paypal/neteller/skrill?

    i am from Argentina, the land of taxes and inflation, i am seriously thinking of starting to sell webpages to little businesses in Europe. And the main obstacle is the payment method. i don't have a PayPal account, and PayPal is a pain. bank transferences and services relying on banks are...
  5. JavascriptPufferfish

    found an aff link on reddit in the wild and felt like sharing it.

    so, i bought an Anne pro 2, and it will take like 2 more weeks to make it to my country (first mech keb, blue gaterons. i may post about how it feels once its here). noticed its 5.0 bluetooth, but most AP2 models say 4.0, so i googled to check if there was a typo or more recent versions...
  6. JavascriptPufferfish

    ever went more than 30 hours without sleep? whats your "record"?

    i am finishing a monography for college and gotta go to work after that. and I slept like 3 hours Thursday and none yesterday. feels weird. like i am tired but at the same time only a little ditzy. but my brain is working at 40% right now. and i have this Valdez brand instant Colombian coffee...
  7. JavascriptPufferfish

    "your country is on fire, here is a discount" is a nice little chunck of marketing

    came across this in the wild: found it on a page that sells dev courses (i wont buy anything anyway lol, the stuff i need is for free). rather than the typical "here is a discount, we love you", i feel this one is much more genuine and convincing. as a third-worlder, regional discounts resonate...
  8. JavascriptPufferfish

    Porkbun is having a domain sale: .com for 4.75 and .net for 5.50 (3 per person)

    i personally like and use porkbun, but I also know of at least 2 people who had bad experiences with it. one made a thread here a while ago, I think his domain was blackhat and competition denounced him and PB took it down or something like that.
  9. JavascriptPufferfish

    learning and memory techniques: do you use them?

    so, i am doing a software engineer course. and one of the first things we got as homework were these vids 1 and 2 and this free course i had already heard of anki and spacial learning before, but always thought it was a hassle to set up. i started doing it now and it's pretty easy to make decks...
  10. JavascriptPufferfish

    marketplace filtering by payment methods

    would be situationally useful to be able to, when browsing for marketplace services, filter out those who don't accept a certain payment method (for example, Neteller transference). its not really something we can easily do with the current search bar. also, if we could filter out locked...
  11. JavascriptPufferfish

    recommendations on how to download a ton of youtube audios without using proxies?

    i want to build up a list of music on my cellphone to go jogging without getting bored. i dislike streaming services, they usually don't have what i need (i want to download the music from specific performances in many classic music youtube channels). i tried youtube DLG, but got error on almost...
  12. JavascriptPufferfish

    whats your unpopular opinion/take on IM?

    can be on SEO, affiliate, web design, business ethos or anything that would get you a good booing from the crowd. i shared mine here. yes, we reddit now.
  13. JavascriptPufferfish

    newbie advice: when possible, buy our domains where you buy your hosting. pay a bit more, keep your mental health intact

    it will save you lots of headaches. support will fix your shit quicker, you wont have to lose days of your time at the start of your project connecting everything, troubleshooting, learning shit that's good to know, but shouldn't be a priority when you are getting started. this especially...
  14. JavascriptPufferfish

    order "by:" suggestions by number of post of members

    basically, its kinda crazy that if i use the search, and in the "by:" part write "bas", basstrackerboats is not among the suggested options. or if I write "bi", 10 accounts of non-very active members appear instead of, idk, billy bates. or "fe", and festinger doesn't appear. "loo" and loopline...
  15. JavascriptPufferfish

    we need a tin foil hat emoji. and maybe a tin foil hat reaction

    with all the psyops going on in crypto, we need a way to succinctly express that feeling that grips us sometimes when something makes sense but is so crazy that it cant be true. or we don't want it to be true.
  16. JavascriptPufferfish

    looking for a good CPM network for my new quiz site. do you have any experience with these?

    my page is very new, so i will start moving to bring traffic soon. i don't want to do google ads because they are more trouble than's worth. Publift. Adcash. Exponential (Formerly Tribal Fusion) BuySellAds. Propeller Ads. UberCPM. Conversant Media. Adbuffs these are some that i found. any...
  17. JavascriptPufferfish

    best way to send eth to multiple wallets on 1 transaction?

    hi, i want to send low quantities of eth to many wallets (around 50). making individual transactions would be nuts fee-wise and time-wise, so i am looking for safe ways to do it in 1. first option is coding a solidity contract, but that would require me to learn basic solidity, and i would...
  18. JavascriptPufferfish

    ability to filter out locked threads on advanced search

    it would be especially useful when looking for a rather common service on the marketplace. for example, to buy VCCs or threshold accounts. lots of locked threads