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  1. Seritx

    How interested are you in a content writing service in alternative languages?

    Just wanted to touch about this topic and see if there is a demand on alternative language article writing. How do you get articles written in other languages (if you do)? Regards,
  2. Seritx

    Is there a way to search for all posts of a user in a thread?

    Is there a way to search for all posts of a user in a thread? For example, this is very handy to keep up with old Journeys: I want to read all the responses from @BlogPro...
  3. Seritx

    Is building a PBN with fresh domains worth it?

    I was thinking on building a PBN from scratch (this way I can use it later on on other projects) and I am having a bit of a hard time to find good, expired domains on my niche (niche is around a specific industry). Is it worth it to go with fresh domains to build the PBN on? regards.
  4. Seritx

    Free alternative to cPanel?

    Heya, I have been using Spanel, but just wondering if any of you use any different free alternative to cpanel?
  5. Seritx

    [CASE-STUDY] Blasting scraped-AI articles on an old domain

    Hi everyone, I have been playing around with scrapy and AI articles a little bit and was able to find a blog post template that I can use from scrapped information and create a nice "readable" blog. It has my own twist and it is actually really readable (I was surprised I couldnt see more...
  6. Seritx

    Looking for a theme like this one

    hi all, I am looking to get a theme similar to this one: But i couldnt find anything readymade. regards,
  7. Seritx

    Best way to import 100k posts to wordpres?

    Heya, I am trying to know what would be the best way to import a very long list of posts around 100k into wordpress. Currently I am using the WP API and python, but it is extremely slow. Maybe I can inject them directly into the DB? I was thinking on using a plugin like wp all import, but not...
  8. Seritx

    Scrape ASPX web page

    Hi all, I wanted to scrape an ASPX webpage, I can code it in python but just wanted to check if there is already a ready made tool and not reinvent the wheel. thanks
  9. Seritx

    [JOURNEY] Building a Niche Blog from scratch

    Heya BHW folks! I have been a member of BHW since 2012! I have gone through many different methods for making money, from CPA downloads (who remembers cleanfiles?), fiverr gigs, reselling hosting, youtube CPA... all in all I may have made around $5k and a lot more that I tried and failed. But...
  10. Seritx

    Can these types of videos be monetised?

    hi, I am trying to start a channel with these types of videos: So there are some explainer videos in English that I get their "transcript" audio, then translate this to another language (Spanish for example), then create a video with new stock footage and voiceover in this new language. Will...
  11. Seritx

    What TTS is this?

    Hi all, I found this guy on fiverr that makes videos. And I am sure all the speech is TTS but I cant get to which one it is. /msonusaeed/make-the-best-youtube-top-10-videos Regards,
  12. Seritx

    [JOURNEY] Building an Instagram fan page

    Hello everyone, I am starting this journey as a means of not getting lazy and have a journal and a place to put questions. I do not have experience on Instagram accounts and growth. I have already started rolling with an account that I have in a particular sub-niche that I plan to grow and...
  13. Seritx

    How does this website make money?

    Hi all, I am struggling to understand a little bit how these types of websites (heywise, quizlagoon, girlspring) make money. Analyzing the websites a little bit and you understand that their main monetization is Adsense banners everywhere, very aggressive (sometimes even to the level of not...
  14. Seritx

    ¿Is it worth to buy a MNS?

  15. Seritx

    ¿What to do with a VPS?

  16. Seritx

    Youtube featuring enhanceviews

    Is the option of youtube featuring of enhanceviews worth? Because I wanted to buy it for a PPD video but I'm not sure if it will work... Anyone had buyed it? Thanks in advance!
  17. Seritx

    Is this a good keyword?

  18. Seritx

    ¿Where do you find niches?

    Hi BHW! I know that asking: 'What is your niche?' is tabu in this forum, so I want to know where do you find niches for your ppd method. Searching in google keyword tool is a bit confusing for me. Sorry about my english!
  19. Seritx

    Safe way to create YT accounts?

    Hi BHW! I have a question since I started to do some PPD + YT. How do you make youtube accounts that stay long working with no ban or suspend? I make them with proxys and they don't stay more than 2 weeks and I saw many accounts of people who have them for more than months! Thanks in advance guys!