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  1. Micallef

    Data Correction / Entry Job - Hotel Niche - Easy Work

    Hello! I need someone with lots of time on their hands to do some database correction work. Anyone can do it, it's very simple. The job is going through our online database of hotels and checking that the price and title are correct - and if not, correcting them. There are 58 Cities to go...
  2. Micallef

    Calling All Australian BHW Members! - Huge Opportunity

    I currently own a coupon website which makes about $500 per month on full autopilot. It ranks well and has a lot of backlinks, and there is great scope for making even more money with very little effort. However, as I am not a resident of Australia, the affiliate company will no longer pay me...
  3. Micallef

    Which blog / forum platforms would you like to see automated?

    Which blog / forum platforms would you like to see automated? List them here, or PM me. I'll then see if I can do it. Micallef
  4. Micallef

    Aseo Hosting - Any Users on BHW?

    Aseo hosting offer dedicated c-class IPs and diverse nameserver, and I want to use them for my blog networks. However, I can't find a review anywhere. Anybody here on BHW use their service? If so, please let me know if they are a reputable company. Thankyou. Micallef
  5. Micallef

    Separate C Class IPs - Are they worth the cost?

    I would like to measure the feeling here on the forums, as to whether paying for separate C class IP addresses is a worthwhile SEO investment. Rough pricing is $4000 per year for 100 C class IPs. We all know the theory - Google will not trust back-links from websites hosted on the same or...
  6. Micallef

    SEO Hosting - Separate C Blocks - Recommendations?

    Can anybody recommend a reliable SEO hosting provider? I need about 20 IPs on separate C classes. I don't want to spend a fortune. If you PM me affiliate links I can go through them. Thankyou Micallef
  7. Micallef

    Professional HTML designer required

    The interactive front "welcome" screen of my software needs redesigning. I want it to look something like this: If you have the skills, let me know & quote your price.
  8. Micallef

    2 Native English Content Writers Required

    I need 2 high quality content writers to create a series of short, blog-style articles for me within a week. They'll be between 300 and 400 words each, and I need 25 from each writer. If English is not your first language, do not apply. If you are planning to outsource this work to a...
  9. Micallef

    Cj Issues - Can You Share Your Experiences?

    I've made a thread in the correct section but I then realized that very few people actually visit it: Anyone else had termination experiences with CJ & got accounts reinstated...
  10. Micallef

    15 Day Termination Message - Help / Experiences?

    Due to an unbelievably stupid email forwarding mix-up on my part, I didn't pick up an email CJ sent me asking me to bring some of my websites up to code due to some new regulations - for 2 months. I am a 100% white hat operator with my CJ account and have never tried anything like CS which...
  11. Micallef

    Can you access this thread?

    I can't access this thread: Is it working, and can you access it?
  12. Micallef

    Top 10 SEO Women of 2011

    "Feast your eyes", gentlemen.
  13. Micallef

    I need 50 Unique 300-400 Word Articles in 3 Days

    ^^ Wrong title - I can actually wait 7 days. I need 25 Unique 300-400 Word Articles. I will provide titles. The topic is broadly the same for each article but there will be some variation. Any takers?
  14. Micallef

    Scrapebox - Drupal Blog Commenting Success Ratre

    Anyone tried using scrapebox to hit drupal sites? I was wondering what kind of success rate people are seeing if they have tried this.
  15. Micallef

    Nothing can Prepare you for the Microsoft Songsmith Commercial

    :eek::eek::eek: And yes - the little girl is using a macbook pro with the logo obscured by flowery stickers. This guy's face sums it up.
  16. Micallef

    Automated Tools: Keyword Restriction Good or Bad?

    Speaking hypothetically here - If a powerful new automated linkbuilding tool was released, would you support or reject the following feature?: Hardcoded banning of the most widely abused keywords such as viagra, cialis, tiffany jewelery etc Only the very, very worst offending keywords would...
  17. Micallef

    Votelinks (HTML Microformat) - Anybody heard of this / Implemented it?

    I recently stumbled across this page: It talks about "vote links", which provide a way of specifying if a vote is positive, negative or neutral. Does anybody think Google pays attention to these? I am going to try it out anyway. Let me know your thoughts.
  18. Micallef

    How to mass produce medium grade content quickly

    This is a method for bashing out content for low importance sites, such as a 2nd tier web 2.0 backline. It's for those of you who aren't quite happy just using the best spinner's auto spin function, but cant quite be bothered to do a full manual spin either. You will need: Best Spinner...
  19. Micallef

    Organize Your IM Workstation

    If you want a free & quick way to organize your desktop, try this program: Seems like a really small thing but it's made a big psychological difference for me. Just having a "fence" between work and non work stuff helps me to easily identify the...
  20. Micallef

    How to Disguise Spam Links (for the noobs)

    This is an old trick and many of you will know it but, for the noobs out there: This doesn't work on all sites because of differences between platforms, but it's generally worth trying out when you're hitting a really nice PR6 or 7 but suspect you'll be spotted and removed quickly. It changes...