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    Will this hurt my seo?

    Hi I am thinking about using With this tool, you can show good bots (google bing etc) a different version of your site. I just want to show my visitors some more aggressive ads such pops or back button redirect, Lightbox display ads. Anybody have experience with this? Will this...
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    Software for management adspace

    Hi, can somebody suggest me software for managing adspace (serve ads and track). I have around 600 websites with traffic in 1 niche. I want to place banner in all domains and manage this with one tool. I know tracking software as voluum and Redtrack but I mean software for the ads. Not for the...
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    sms trivia games, best countries

    Hello, I have a lot of facebook en other social network traffic. I like to promote sms trivia games. Which countries are good to promote sms trivia games? Good law to setup high converting premium sms games. You know what I mean. Best Regards