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    Picture Image Photo

    What's the difference?
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    Google security

    I have an gmail that linked to a number that i don't have access to and now I want to remove that number the email was logged in on the same browser for more than 25 days but google still don't trust me when i try to delete the number it ask for password and after i enter it ask for sms code...
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    Sig line by # of characters

    So when we say it's 3 line sig only a mod that have 15 screen can see it 4 lines and another mod that have 32 screen can see it only one line. so it depends I think it's better to limit the sig by number of characters or words also the sig editor made many mistake as I tried to move my...
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    Firing Someone - How Easy Is It?

    I see that elon musk firing people right and left Is it that easy in the USA? here where I live you have to pay too much money for someone that have been working for you for more than 2 years the amount can be 1 years of his wage. how about there? I mean what the law say about that there? how...
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    Finally 7000

    Finally reached 7k posts Now I won't post anywhere else beside the lounge a great place to post without increasing the number and I won't leave until the reaction score = number of posts
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    Clickable username in DM

    Sometimes I send message to a username and don't get reply Then I find it hard to find that user searching with it's username since the username on the PM is not clickable So it will be good if I can just click on the name and will take me to the user profile
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    Finally reached 4000

    Please don't like any of my post want to see the same number for a week now
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    How Inflation affect Internet Marketing

    Prices in real life rising everyday but on many website I see the same prices for more than 3 years now Also some BST threads here have same pricing for a long time. are people in IM not making prices based on real life or it's not real prices taking consideration of rising expenses? When...
  9. Salamouna

    Demand Audit here

    Seen a thread saying I have such product and listed all what the product have and he was asking if there is a demand and how much would you pay for it a year ago I did the same thing to see if there is enough demand before starting a BST but the thread get deleted and even got an Infraction for...
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    Blackfriday 2022

    Can I open a thread before they open an official one like last year? So what are you planning to buy You are saving some money for a cause share with me so I start saving some money too
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    Facebook Glitch 0 spend

    Hello Is your ads look active but fb didn't spent any $$ today? If yes don't worry you are not alone who faced this also today?
  12. Salamouna

    Why do we say that people work like a dog?

    Why do we say that people work like a dog if they work all day when all dogs do is lie around?
  13. Salamouna

    best file compressor for pc

    Hi I have some big file that I want to applaud but need to compress it to the minimum size is there any good software that you TESTED yourself and got god results?
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    This Rabbit Member Is Doing Something Illegal

    I was searching for nextdoor and bhw and found this results It all leads to this NFT page And yes we all know who is it do you think that all those websites are hacked?
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    A pixel to integrate

    let's say if someone want to sent paid traffic to his BHW sales thread and want to track sales it will be good option if someone can insert pixel to the thread for retargeting or for tracking.
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    Post a reply Instead of attach file

    I've been here for a long time now and this always confuse me After I write a reply sometimes I click on the attach files to post it than I relies that I need to take a taxi and go theeeere to click on post a reply the one we need most should be the nearest one so are you with changing the...
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    Prices on the marketplace

    You start searching for a service and you see all the details and the price When you contact the seller he will say no the price is increased. with that inflation you have the right to do but it's bad for me to start asking about the new price if there is any. The new price should be updated on...
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    Indian Number 1

    CEO of Google CEO of Microsoft CEO of Adobe CEO of Twitter CEO of Mastercard CEO of Pepsi CEO of IBM CEO of Albertsons CEO of Micron CEO of Netapp CEO of Nokia CEO of Palo Alto CEO of Arista CEO of Novartis any explanation for that?
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    Happy new year 1444|2022

    Hello everyone Happy new year to everyone 2