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    Is it still a Keyword?

    If I am targeting "The best computers" as my keyword, and then use "The best laptop computers" does that count as a keyword that should be counted as part of my articles keyword density percentage?
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    Google Corrects my Domain name!

    Hi, I have a problem. When I type in my domain name in google it says: showing results for "My Domain Name without the Letter S at the end". Then I have to press the link below it that says: Search instead for "My Domain Name (as I ACTUALLY typed it)" How do I get this fixed? Or is it...
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    Can I post the same Internal Link TWICE in the same article?

    So I have an article it is about 1500 words long. I have about 10 paragraphs in it. I used my internal link in paragraph #2 cause it is helpful. Now I want to include it in Paragraph #6 because it becomes helpful and relevant once again. I was thinking that I just need to combine those...
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    Selling links on your website.

    My understanding is that selling links or taking money for inserting someone else's link inside of your already existing article is a NO NO. Is this true? If so, how does Google even know if you sold a link?
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    How to write 2 of the same articles without Keyword Cannibalization?

    I want to write 2 articles that are almost identical to each other. I have 1 article that is top 10 gaming laptops. It is doing so well in google that I want to have another one. I was thinking I should just create a second website. That way I can have 2 of the same articles targeting the...
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    Is DuckduckGo or TOR a threat to SEO and Google rankings?

    I have stumbled across some competitors that deny access if you are running a tor browser. I was wondering if I should do the same? I mean if I force people to use a real browser will my rankings most likely increase?
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    Posting on reddit for Google rankings?

    I am trying to learn how to use reddit for self promotion. I have noticed that there are some users that are posting their ENTIRE article on Reddit and then putting the link to that exact same article on their website. Is this a good strategy? I mean taking your entire article copy , word for...
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    I don't want to Link Out...

    I feel like I am bleeding my google ranking. I only have like 1 or 2 external links per article. But I really have enough content to keep all my links internal. Do I really need external links on my articles? Or should I keep them and just add "no follow" to all external links? or I could...
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    I feel like posting Youtube videos in my authority site pages is a bad Idea

    I know people are saying that posting videos in your content is good for SEO because it will lead to longer time on page. My worry is not that. I agree with this but I am hesitant to add videos because I feel like people will just goto youtube after they are finished with the video. Meaning...
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    Internal linking between 2 pages. question...

    Is it ok to link : internal linking from "Page A" to "Page B" and from "Page B" to "Page A"? Page A is a " best of " list of items blog article. And Page B is an individual product review.
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    How to Use Anchor text properly in External and Internal Links

    Hi, Yesterday, I got a warning from Yoast SEO plugin. It was saying that I should not use anchor text that is an exact match for the keyword that I am trying to rank the current article for. For Example. My page is trying to rank for the "best computer monitor" and I was going to link out...
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    My whole website post was pasted to Quora

    Today I found my whole post on Quora. Well, my post was like 1400 words and they copy-pasted 1200 of the words exactly as they are on my page. Images and everything. However, they did cite me as the source with a link. Why would anyone do this? I get that I would receive the traffic, but...
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    Does Marijuana related content hurt DA score and google ranking?

    My question is about publishing THC, CBD, Vaporizers, Grinders, etc. content on our website. Seems like these people have a hard time finding sponsored posts. Does google dislike ranking these types of articles? Would it hurt my overall DA to start excepting content that is related to...
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    Keyword density vs other words on page

    Should keyword density be higher then any other set of words in the content? Like if your keyword is "best computer repair" at 2% and a random word set of "Torque Screw Wrench" at 3% just happens to appear on the page cause your listing off parts or something. Is that confusing to google...
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    Website Developer Getting Stiffed!

    Hi, I have created a website and it is live. Although my client refuses to pay me for the work. The client has been using the website for a good amount of time. So it is not that they are unhappy with my work, they just won't pay me... Is it okay to take down the website and put up a...
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    SEO drop in Traffic | Changed Year in Tittle

    I am currently experiencing a 40% drop in traffic. No penalties in google console. I think it has to do with me changing 2 or 3 or the titles from Example: Best Ultra Notebooks in 2018 to Best Ultra Notebooks in 2019 I didn't change the URLs and only update a couple places in the content...
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    Affiliate Website Suggestion

    Does anyone see the need to cloak your affiliate links? or Is adding a Nofollow rel good enough?
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    the correct way to use Blogger for backlinks

    Do you create a Blogger account with your brand name? EX. or Do you want to make it look like a persons name? EX. or Does it even matter? EDIT: is i just me or when you type in youtube "setup blogger backlink" do 90% of the...
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    Funneling to a squeeze page with tracking

    Hi, i was wondering if it is ok to track where your clicks are coming from like this: these would be the internal backlinks from article one and article two, that point to the Main Article. Is there any SEO reason why this is a...
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    Competing Key Words

    So lets say I have the keyword. "Healthy rice" and "Healthy rice recipes" The "Healthy Rice" Page has very little text. But receives more traffic. The "Healthy Rice Recipes" Page has lots of text. If someone types "Healthy Rice" in to google search. Which page will show up the results?