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  1. Pure Mint

    Favorite Food(s)?

    What are your favorite things to stuff that face with? I love blueberry lemonade with cheeseburgers among other things
  2. Pure Mint

    Can you still check a Site's Page Rank

    Hi everyone I wanted to know if Page rank was still a metric that we can use, i heard that google shut it down. If so is there anyway to gauge the authority of a website? I'm starting on some research for a niche site. Thanks in advance.
  3. Pure Mint

    Privacy Policy for review site?

    Hey everyone, I'm embarking on meathead's method and I was wondering what type of privacy policy i should have? Or maybe someone can direct me to the thread that has this answer? Thanks!
  4. Pure Mint

    What? type pf Antivirus

    Hey guys, I was wondering what type of virus protection you use? And are there any special systems that you recommend to protect myself from hacking? Any tips. Thanks!
  5. Pure Mint

    Journey to $1500 a month stable income by August 2015

    Hello everyone, :cool: This is my journey to a stable income of $1,500 monthly. My plan is to build 10 "niche "websites and monetize them with adsense, and Amazon associates. I already have 1 website that is partially finished. I plan to finish up 10 lists of low competition keywords...