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  1. DeadJoe

    Checking Internal Links

    Hey guys, is there a tool that checks for internal links and lets you know what pages link to what other pages, and how many times each page/post on your site has been linked to internally? Ideally something that only looks at the body of the article (not related posts or other links)? Thanks
  2. DeadJoe

    Expired Web 2.0s

    Anyone here still messing with these? Would love to get my hands on some! do they even work anymore? I know tumblr was big, but that's over with. What else is hot these days?
  3. DeadJoe

    How do you guys make VS. images?

    e.g. Product 1 vs. Product 2? Something good quality e.g. Any tips? Thanks!
  4. DeadJoe

    Amazon One link vs. Genius

    I cannot use AAWP or an exclusive amazon plugin since I have multiple affiliates that I link out to. In an effort to gain global commissions, I am looking into Genuis and One link. Which one is better? I have heard bad things about One Link in the past, how does it work for you guys? Any...
  5. DeadJoe

    [Hiring] Integrate multiple Affiliate Programs in WordPress

    NOTE: I am looking for a way to display affiliate links from multiple affiliate programs into one comparison table and then further individual product boxes. I am not looking for someone to build me a product review site. Looking for someone who has experience building product review sites with...
  6. DeadJoe

    Looking for a good SEO bar / Chrome extensions

    I rely on Keywords everywhere for search volume since I have found it to be the most accurate, and 100K credits only cost $10. The chrome extension is awesome! it also gives some other metrics such as DA (but this part sometimes bugs out). I hate using the MOZ bar, it's buggy as hell. Is there...
  7. DeadJoe

    Some Tips for Massive Gains (Non-Native Content Writers)

    I was unemployed for a while right after I graduated. I tried getting a job but I was so unenthusiastic during interviews that no one wanted to hire me Lol. I would attribute that to a lack of interest in my major as well as my inability to connect with interviewers (they were dry and boring as...
  8. DeadJoe

    DeadJoe's Do or Die Journey to a Massive Authority

    Hey everybody, started my previous journey in 2020, however, due to some unfortunate circumstances had to sell in 2021 after 9 months of operation. I put in about $2500 and ended up making a cool $23K from the sale + affiliate commissions. Relocated to my dream city (NYC) for a job at a company...
  9. DeadJoe

    Bulk Image Editor

    Is there a program or an online tool that would let me edit images in bulk, apply some sort of filter, maybe my logo at the bottom etc? I need to do this in bulk with groups of images at once. Thanks!
  10. DeadJoe

    Cheap Reliable E-mail hosting?

    What are you guys using for email hosting? I need to set up maybe 15 - 20 accounts, also would prefer an email forwarding option of some sort. Thanks!
  11. DeadJoe

    Post to WP through word document that has images?

    Hi, Is there a way to post to WordPress using a word document that has images in it instead of uploading each image one by one? Thanks!
  12. DeadJoe

    Most accurate Plagiarism Checker?

    Hi everybody, Back in the day, Copyscape was king but it really isn't a reliable option anymore imo. I have found nothing to work better than Quetext, it is really a remarkable tool and is cheap af. The only caveat is that you have to check your content in pieces (less than 500 words at a time)...
  13. DeadJoe

    Looking for EDU Links

    DO NOT reach out/reply if you are selling user generated EDU links (profile/comments etc.) I am looking for links from - Please read the criteria below: 1. Guest posts on EDU blogs that are not spammed to death (selling posts to 100s of sites) 2. Blogs that won't sell a link to...
  14. DeadJoe

    Affiliate links master

    Hello there, Looking for someone who is really good (either with WordPress plugins or without) at incorporating different affiliate programs into a single buying guide. E.g. product 1 is amazon, product 2 is some random company, product 3 is something else. Then the comparison table should also...
  15. DeadJoe

    Featured Images

    Hey guys, I want to know how you all are doing featured images? I thought of getting Canva but I don't want to have a specific format for every featured image on my blog. My articles are in the same niche but they're all different topics so other than signing up for an expensive stock photo...
  16. DeadJoe

    Anybody using Content Egg?

    I have a new site where I am using products from Amazon but I also want to add products from other places. Is Content Egg customizable? can I manually add affiliate links to any other e-commerce sites or does it have to be the ones already supported by the plugin? Thanks!
  17. DeadJoe

    Embedding Tableau Dashboard in WordPress

    Hi, does anyone have experience embedding a Tableau dashboard in Wordpress? did it slow your site down? was it responsive? Thanks!
  18. DeadJoe

    Charts/Visualizations for Wordpress

    Hey guys, is anybody here using a plugin to create visuals in Wordpress? I tried a few but they are kind of trash. Looking for something good. I want to create different kinds of charts that are somewhat customizable. Not looking to do a whole lot, just basic functionality but I want the output...
  19. DeadJoe

    Hiring CONTENT WRITERS - 200 buying guides needed!

    Looking for content at scale, 200 guides, 3000 words each. Budget is $75 each. Please don't reach out if you have a Sales thread selling content below $0.02/word. Requirements: 1. Non-native is okay, but it won't work if you sound ESL. 2. On time delivery, at least 3 buying guides a week (4 is...
  20. DeadJoe

    Help finding WordPress Product Rating Plugin

    Does anyone know of a good plugin that helps create ratings? something like this. This one is pretty cool but the idiot dev has limited it to 1 per post/page. The workaround is to create a new page/post every time and copy over the short code. Also doesn't allow for any customizations. Would...