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    Tumblr Posts are still good for SEO?

    Well the question is in title, but I was also wondering if they are still good, the number matters? Thank you!
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    Tags on wordpress blog posts?

    So, a question that I don't really find a clear answer. Do you guys use tags when posting an article on a wordpress website? Or they are useless? I mean you write the article all seo friendly, but adding tags with derivates from the main keyword will help rank on those keywords? For some reason...
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    What is a stable method of making money online?

    Hello, I've been in IM for over 6 years I think, I started with CPA, Amazon Affiliate, Dropshipping, Freelancing, and Instagram. I've made good money with all of this and didn't need it a job till recently were I woke up with 0$ in my bank account. But none of this was stable enough for me. So...