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    Scammed by JRVIP Therealdarkpegasus For Adsense Account

    I posted i need a Payment Recieved Adsense Account on WTB thread . Therealdarkpegasus sent me a message privately that he has a UK Payment Recieved Adsense For Sale. We agreed $300 and i sent him payment via Crypto. After recieving money, took time to confirm payment and later came up with a lie...
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    Need Suggestions for Proxies Compatible With MultiLogin App

    Hi Need Suggestions for proxies that works well for Multilogin app. Want to use it for bulk adwords threshold accounts creation.
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    Whats Your Favourite SEO thread here on BHW?

    Some months ago, i bookmarked a post on best seo thread but lost it when i formatted my PC. Can you share your best SEO thread/Collection which helped you to learn SEO? Lets keep it coming. I believe lot of people will benefit from this.
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    VBA or VCC? Which is the Best for US Paypal Verification?

    According to your experience with Paypal which do you think is the best way of verifying US paypal.I live in a country which is paypal blacklisted and i want to open want a US Paypal Account. will also appreciate if you add some reputable websites or member here that sells VBA or VCC. All...
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    How To Make Money with Scrapebox aside Building Backlinks?

    Just Recently bought Scrapebox. i always take Scrapebox as a Backlink Assistant (Helping to Scrape High PR Links to build links on and even building the links). i want to utilize the best out of scrapebox. Can you all suggest some clever ways to make some bucks using scrapebox aside backlinks ...
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    What is the best Hosting Company that pays Affiliates?

    want to know the best hosting company that pays affiliates well. i will prefer the one tested by you.
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    Any Good Samaritan using Scrapebox? need some help

    Hi BHWers, need someone using scrapebox to help me inn some task.. Pls comment if you use SB..
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    Google PR Update is near the corner

    As most of you know, Google Pagerank will soon commence. Share your favourite method or strategy that helps in increasing PR..
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    Any Nigerian in BHW?

    Just curious. Will like to know if we have Nigerians here. It will be nice knowing each other and also doing a Meet'Up.
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    Any plugin to auto post your new post to google plus?

    HI BHWers. Is there any wordpress plugin that auto post your new post to google plus? I need it pls
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    Need to start some Web 2.0 sites but need help

    I am about to start web 2.0 but I need some help. I am creating it for seo purposes. (I mean linking it to my money site). Pls help me answer this questions. 1) I heard about creating a squidoo account, looking for high pr squidoo lens, then adding to list. My question is when you click add to...
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    Suggestions needed for a nice Wordpress theme with single page

    Suggestions needed for a nice Wordpress theme with single page. Thanks BHWers
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    What is Tier 1 and Tier 2 in Seo?

    Some help me on this..What is Tier 1 and Tier 2 in Seo? Am a seo noob. Thanks
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    Help! Pls How do i do this?

    i have Read a lot of post on decreasing alexa rank. and stumble on this "Simply create multiple phpld directories on multiple subdomains and submit each directory to, you'll be down to 10000 alexa rank in no time." pls how do i do this? thanks
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    best and proven way to increase pagerank?

    Hi Blackhater.. As you all know that PR update is in 2 weeks time.. What are the best, tested, proven way to increase pagerank? Let's keep this thread flowing. Thanks
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    which other things will you need to make Scrapebox works well

    About to buy scrapebox. But want to know other things I will need to to make it work well
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    Is it good using facebook viral app for CPA?

    i want to venture into CPA but i want to ask If its good using facebook viral app for CPA? thanks
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    Want my life to change this coming 2013

    Merry christmas to all members of BHW. i have tried several methods on CPA, some MNS Sites and some fiverr gigs but they are not converting for me. i have an education blog that relies only on adsense and you all know adsense can ban one anytime. i want my life to change this coming 2013. Need a...
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    Want to start SEO from 0

    Hi Friends, I want to start SEO from step 1. I am through with the on page seo . Now want to start Off page Seo.. Need methods,steps and techniques on where to start from, what to do. I don't care if it takes me 3 months to rank, I will surely do it. Thanks friends. Merry christmas in advance
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    How can I get a free VPS

    Hi Friends, how can I get a free VPS? Really need one. Merry christmas in advance to all BHW members. Thanks