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  1. varun barve

    Why is no one creating a service for phone automation for instagram on android?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to know your thoughts on this is it too difficult to make an app or service which can do automation on the phone and do follow/unfollow or story watching on the phone itself? I have seen the service, and it was working well but was very expensive and difficult to set up...
  2. varun barve

    Who uses this for MASS DM?

    Hey guys i read a lot about this tool and many people are using it and also selling tutorials for this software. If anyone is using it can you tell me is it user friendly like jarvee and other tools? and also does this tool has the option to send reel post to DM instead of sending URL text of...
  3. varun barve

    How to avoid fanpages interacting with same profiles in jarvee? [Mother/Slave]

    Hey guys, I am 10 fan pages, and the targets for all 10 are different from my local niche; I keep seeing that many of the profiles the fan pages are following is already either a follower of the main account or targeted via other fan pages cause of the same niche. 2 Ways to do this I don't want...
  4. varun barve

    Anyone getting issues with creating new ig account on anti detect browsers?

    Hey, guys, i have my own 4g proxies and I am able to make accounts on phones but was trying from anti-detect browsers, and on incognition it was getting suspended then I tried on dolphin anty and there also it was suspended, so I did email and phone verification and it went to the upload your...
  5. varun barve

    Instagram Tips To Make Your Accounts Bullet-Proof

    I have been doing IG marketing since 2015, and it's been a crazy journey. I will give you guys some tips which I think would be beneficial for some. I won't be sharing the basic ones like having 2FA on and all; I'll give some specific tips, which I have not seen much here on the forum. 1 -...
  6. varun barve

    Want to buy post on Indian News Sites

    Hi I need a post on Hindustan times, zee news, and midday to promote my Instagram account. Also, any other major Indian news sites will also do Can anyone here do this? please PM with your charge. Thanks
  7. varun barve

    Wordpress Plugin Modifying Developer Needed

    Hey guys, I have a site on which there is a quiz plugin, and I want to add some features to it so can anyone who knows how to do it please pm me or skype - varun.barve Only people with threads or jrvip contact, please.
  8. varun barve

    How DM's are you able to send to new followers? [POLL]

    Hey guys I am sending DM's to new followers from many different accounts and on some, I am able to do 50-80 dm's to new followers per day also these accounts are all growing very fast so I have a lot of profiles to send the DM's every day. I am using a bot for sending the DM's to new followers...
  9. varun barve

    Reels view counts different on phone and browsers

    Hey guys I am noticing that many of my accounts have more reels views on the browser and less on phone is anyone else having this and does anyone knows why this happens? Also, the views increased suddenly from yest it was 50+ on both, and today on the browser I have very different numbers but...
  10. varun barve

    Instagram Insights Error

    Hey guys there is an error that I have seen on multiple accounts of mine in which the insights send to dm stats are always like this -- I don't know the reason and I also tested sending the post to dm's and none of the insights show the stat for that one. Anyone knows why this happens or has...
  11. varun barve

    Is Matic/Polygon a good option to buy now at $0.5 range?

    Hey guys what do you think about matic at this level? Also any other coins you aiming to buy in the bloodbath?
  12. varun barve

    My Adsense Page RPM just went to $354

    So guys just wanted to share a website of mine is on AdSense and it gets around $30 avg page rpm but somedays I notice when the new day starts after 12 the RPM goes up to 100-15 but today it went up to $354 and you can see I made around 7 bucks in just few page views. The site gets around 10k...
  13. varun barve

    Ukraine War Adsense Notification

    Hey is anyone able to see this in their google Adsense dashboard? I just got it on mine a few mins back.
  14. varun barve

    Which backlinks to make for ranking YouTube videos?

    Hey guys I have a client and I am currently doing niche blog comments for their youtube videos we have just started this work this month. They are a news channel and they don't have specific keywords but I think blog comments can help to get some authority to the channel and might help in...
  15. varun barve

    Adsense cuts $125 as invalid traffic

    Hey guys I have a site on Adsense which is getting a lot of social media traffic I got around $689 for Jan 2022 and they deducted $125 from my total and left $564 total in my account is this normal for anyone with a majority social media traffic? I know for a fact that my traffic is 100% legit...
  16. varun barve

    Some Days I Get Massive Page RPM on Adsense

    Hey guys just wanted to do a quick share my main website is on AdSense and it gets on avg 20+ page rpm and some days it goes way up and down so for the 26th I had $53 page rpm for the whole day but what I have noticed is at this time sometimes it goes way up so now it went up till $124 and yest...
  17. varun barve

    CPU Usage 100% many times a day (Help)

    Hey guys I have a private hosting plan of $20 from servikus and I keep getting CPU Usage 100% many times a day. There are 2 websites that get a lot of traffic and in the resource usage screenshot, I keep seeing the HTTP requests of those 2 sites' URLs. Can anyone suggest to me how to solve...
  18. varun barve

    Anyone heard of this network on youtube? Bentpixels?

    Hello guys I got a mail from Bentpixels ad network for monetization of my youtube channel so wanted to know if anyone of you has ever heard or worked with this network? Would love your inputs on this this is the site of the network - https://www.bentpixels.
  19. varun barve

    Anyone recently got website approved on adsense and ads not coming?

    Hey guys one of my 1-year-old websites are approved on AdSense and I have added header code and auto ads and ads.txt but ads are not coming anywhere on the site. I am getting traffic daily from google and social media so I wanted to know anyone else got ads on a newly approved website on...
  20. varun barve

    error on ads.txt (need help)

    Hey guys I have a site where I have checked the number of lines in the file manager root directory ads.txt and in the plugin also checked the code is only 326 lines and when I check the it shows me 1294 total lines how is this possible? Is there any way to check I tried...