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    News / Movies site a good idea?

    Hello, My current plan is to launch a news site or a movie streaming website, then using SEO to promote it. For monetization, I plan on using ads, since they are usually reliable passive income. I want to spend some time setting it up but I don't have time every day to manage these income...
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    Would it be possible to change nickname?

    Hello, As you can clearly tell, the 2014 me used to be a L33T 1337 0M3G4 H4XXX0R $. The 2021 me is not amused. Anyhow, can the nickname be changed in any way?
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    Movie scripts?

    Hello, I'm looking for a script that would automatically upload new movies / tv shows to website. I heard someone mention BHW Marketplace has some but I googled and searched around yet I couldn't find one. Can someone help me? Please and thank you :x
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    Hello - 7 years

    Hello, I have been a lurker on BHW for about 7 years now. I was only 16 years old, at the time in high school when I joined BHW. Now I am 23 and have a very good grasp on web technologies as I'm a full stack web developer. Over the years, I did some CPA / CPI and PPD. I've tried with many...