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    What is The Minimum Wage in Your Country?

    What will you give in return?
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    Will Recession in usa Affect other countries ?

    Anything that affects the US, affects the entire developed & developing world.
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    What is The Minimum Wage in Your Country?

    Where I live it's $11.40 per hour. The average work week is 40 hours x 52 weeks $23,712/yr Canadian. Other provinces in Canada have min wage as high as $15.50 per hour.
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    Who pre-ordered the iPhone 14?

    I'm not going to buy it, hoping my work gives me in the Q1.
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    MacBook Air or iPad Pro

    really? i'm shocked to find this out.
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    MacBook Air or iPad Pro

    If that's $1700 USD, I would just get the Macbook Air with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage. I personally have the m1 with 256 and 8GB, and they work great compared to my Intel Macbok Pro. It's night & day. The M1 (now M2) are definitely worth the money IMO. I also have a brand new (~3 months) 12th...
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    Another friendly reminder to not use PayPal ❤️❤️❤️

    Are there any specific instructions what you're descrbing for a relative noob?
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    [Need Suggestion] to buy USA number

    I don't know if Signalwire, Twillio, Telynx, Flowroute type of services will work your needs. You can easily create use with API with a tiny PHP script or Vercel Node/Firebase function to automate eerything.
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    Hello World

    Welcome to 1 of the most useful websites on the internet.
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    No reply huh? I'm interested in a solution for this as well.
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    ☑ Mojo Jojo's Evil Contents From Evil Genius | Starts from $2 for 500 Words

    Can you please provide some recent samples?
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    namecheap webhosting is it ok?

    You can host your site for free with Google Firebase with some work.
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    Buy edu emails at affordable price

    Interested in getting 1.
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    ⚡ Buy Google edu emails ⚡Affordable price ⚡ Cheap Prices ⚡ Fast Delivery ⚡ for Google Drive and Another Platform ⚡

    Do these accounts work with Github Student Developer Pack? (ie get credits with DigitalOcean, Azure, Jetbrains and etc...)
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    Today I got first dose of covishield vaccine.

    2nd Moderdna shot put me out of commission for 36 hours, but was fine after that.
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    Today I got first dose of covishield vaccine.

    Covishield vaccine is branded as AztraZenica in the western world.
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    $20K per passive income per month. Would you stop?

    I will try to get to $100K/mo if it's possible.
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    ███ Premium WORDPRESS Websites❤️E-Commerce ⚡ Android & IOS App✅Awesome Designs✅Revisions & Support✅

    Hi, Can you please provide your portfolio / sample live web site design & logo design work? Thanks