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  1. littlerubby

    CPA through Page+Website

    I have a Facebook page (3rd world country) and news website. Our language is not supported by Google Adsense and can't earn money through Adsense. And I'm thinking about doing CPA offers (popups) through my news articles. Is it safe for Facebook page to do this? Does it break Facebook's policy...
  2. littlerubby

    Make money with CPA and CPA with 7 million facebook followers

    Why was your pages got banned?
  3. littlerubby

    Sport Facebook page

    Are you paying to be become admin or for free? If free, why not just try it and test it yourself? if you're paying for the role then it's better to discuss with people I think.
  4. littlerubby

    In-stream ads monetization from non eligible country

    Hi. My country is not eligible for Facebook's in-stream ads. I have two questions. First, if someone in the US who doesn't have permission to work, starts to earn money from Facebook does it mean they're breaking law? Can anyone with bank account can apply for in-stream ads? Will he need SSN...
  5. littlerubby

    Monetizing channel from non-eligible country for YTPP

    Hi there. My country is not in eligible countries list for Youtube's partner programs but can register for Adsense which I already applied and approved with domain. But some people from my country are earning money from Youtube by choosing for example US or Australia as their channel's country...
  6. littlerubby

    How to monetize profiles with 5000 friends?

    Hello. I've been warming up profiles to make them have 5000 friends. I'm only accepting friends from US, Germany and other European countries. When I reach 5000 friends with them, not sure how to monetize it. Since I live outside US, Europe (3rd world country which can't even receive money...
  7. littlerubby

    Adsense Arbitrage Journey >>> Goal 500$ per day

    How will you withdraw money from US adsense account when you’re outside of US?
  8. littlerubby

    ✅ IDENTORY - Universal anti-detection browser for multi-accounting

    Hi. So If I pay yearly for the software, does that mean 15+20% off = 30%? Thank you
  9. littlerubby

    RIP Facebook Instant Articles

    Because FB is paying more attention to videos (reels) and news articles are only read by 3% of total FB users. And it's not profitable for them I guess. As you know FB's revenue has dropped and they're rebranding
  10. littlerubby

    RIP Facebook Instant Articles

    They place ad placement in news articles.
  11. littlerubby

    RIP Facebook Instant Articles

    I've been using Instant Articles as my sole incoming source for the last two years. And now Facebook is shutting down its service on mid-April next year. I guess they're telling us in advance to switch to another source. There are other monetization tools on Facebook like In-Stream ads, Reels...
  12. littlerubby

    Facebook automation script

    So this type of automation doesn’t work with Facebook nowadays?
  13. littlerubby

    Facebook automation script

    Hi there. Where can I find a free or paid automation scripts for Facebook? For example I'm looking for a script that allows my profiles to share a post to certain groups with interval and also comment, like.
  14. littlerubby

    facebook monetization

    And how will you setup your payout account?
  15. littlerubby

    Multiaccounts facebook for comments.

    If they start commenting same comment then it's a spam strike.
  16. littlerubby

    Someone is copying my articles

    Shutting down means like they force their hosting company to shut their site?
  17. littlerubby

    Someone is copying my articles

    They've been going around for months now and stealing my earning. I monetize my articles on Facebook and they copied my articles and distributing it through Facebook as well. When people read their article they won't read mine.
  18. littlerubby

    Someone is copying my articles

    No I haven't checked it. How does it work? Do hosting companies or Facebook obliged to remove their contents if they're breaking the DMCA? Because I only use Facebook to distribute my articles.
  19. littlerubby

    Someone is copying my articles

    Hi, sorry I might have not express my post correctly. By posting "My articles are mostly on Facebook" I meant that I don't use Google (Adsense) to earning money but post my articles on Facebook (this is where I earn money). The infringer is also using the copied articles to earn money on...