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  1. Jabbz18

    Is keyword research a part of whitehat SEO ?

    yes, this is one of the first and most important steps of optimization. Without it, you could be spending time and money trying to rank a keyword that is so competitive, you'll need thousands in order to reach the top 10.
  2. Jabbz18

    How hard is it to become a real SEO expert in 2023 ?

    It is more about the niches and methods tbh. Of course, it's harder to learn SEO now but even with the basics you follow any method on a public blog or copy from people, it won't work. You need to have your own ideas to test and slowly build up your own strategies once you have the basics down...
  3. Jabbz18

    Theme Affect On SEO

    it definitely can but as long as you keep the code clean and manage the site properly it won't make much difference. Keeping the site speed fast is very important.
  4. Jabbz18

    Search Volume Bulk Search

    keyword planner or try to find the average volume from as many tools as possible.
  5. Jabbz18

    Link building advice

    If you don't know how to do outreach and source the links yourself, its perfectly fine to buy links. You have to get familiar with which ones will work best e.g guest posts, and placements. This will cost money and does cost a lot depending on your niche.
  6. Jabbz18

    Is manual outreach your main link building strategy?

    Yes, although I wouldn't class it as begging as both parties have something to gain and as long as you do it right, you'll get the most success. Personally, if anyone acts awkward and I think there just going to waste my time, I just move on to the next one.
  7. Jabbz18

    What is important to know before buying backlinks?

    Due to your budget, I would go for a few placements or a quality guest post link to start with. To find pages which accept links I would just say to find as many decent DA websites in your niche and do A LOT of outreach. Another good way is to look at your competitor's links on whichever tool...
  8. Jabbz18

    Question to SEO experts

    It should be fine and even better in the long run if done correctly but as other people have said it will drop your traffic as the URLs will change. I did this before but switched it to a good expired domain so i had a bit of a boost and kind of levelled it out.
  9. Jabbz18

    Targeting Keywords With Low Search Volume

    Most tools are inaccurate as I've compared the same keyword on kw planner, semrush, ahrefs and the volume has been completely different. If the other metrics look good i would still go for it as your not just ranking one keyword, the chance is you'll pick up a load of secondary keywords with it...
  10. Jabbz18

    Blog Entries vs. Product Description

    agree with this completely, I would still make blogs on each of the categories for relevancy but the last thing you want is the blog posts ranking for your target product keywords instead of the actual product pages.
  11. Jabbz18

    SEO for service and e commerce website

    I would have both on the same site as you could use the two could complement each other. The more traffic you pull in from the e-commerce side of things the more people you can send over to the other side advice versa. Also, it will open new doors to the amount of content you can make and have...
  12. Jabbz18

    quora backlinks in answer

    Quora links will have no SEO value as they are no-follow. Unless it's natural, if a backlink is free it will have little to no value. The more effort/ money you have to put in, the more value it will have.
  13. Jabbz18

    What you think about this ?

    Well, you could argue: rankings == value
  14. Jabbz18

    How much time does Google need to index a new page?

    If your website is brand new it could take months to index a single page. Its important to keep building authority so google trusts the website more.
  15. Jabbz18

    How important are outgoing links for SEO?

    It works sometimes as it fits more valuable information without writing it. However, for the most part, I would avoid it as most of the time when a site is doing this it's for affiliate purposes or they've been paid to place a backlink.
  16. Jabbz18

    why there is more popularity for SEO ?

    If you're talking about niches casino, adult, crypto etc. If youre talking about methods id say Ai and auto blogging at the minute.
  17. Jabbz18

    How can I do off-page SEO for real estate broker

    Focus on relevant backlinks from high DA and traffic sites, these seem to work and index faster imo.
  18. Jabbz18

    Do you think this DA will help?

    Expired domains are definitely worth it in my opinion, you just have to make sure all of the metrics are right, its not been spammed with backlinks or it hasn't been used as a pbn in the past.
  19. Jabbz18

    Andrew Tate best marketer of all time.

    Nothing wrong with presenting success mate. People who get salty about those who are successful will always end up spending more time getting jealous, judging people, and thinking the whole thing is a scam than actually making any money. Additionally, one of the main reasons people don't like it...
  20. Jabbz18

    Do you find SEO work tiring?

    I automated all of the jobs I had specific methods for so when I went to automate, it was just as simple as having them on a rule system. e.g. finding blog ideas and keywords, semi-ai writing (i read through, optimize and edit 60-70%), finding sites which offer guest posts etc. Then I mostly do...