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  1. anushady

    [Journey] Is dropshipping still profitable in 2022?

    Conclusion I tried TikTok ads, social media, and other promotional methods but failed to make sales. I was able to get decent traffic from my ads but no conversion. People, in general, started to understand how dropshipping works. They know their package is going to be delivered from China...
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    Is this type of website going to be profitable

    I think it is a guaranteed profit but you need thousands of pages to see good earnings.
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    On top of your studies, you should also watch some shows and movies in English. This way you will be consistent with your learning. I learned English through MTV without reading a single English book.
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    What I Do with My Bitcoin ? I Must To Sell it Now ?

    People who sell now are the most stupid ones. Crypto is seasonal and influenced by lots of factors. After some months it will be 60k +
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    How much money need to live normally in US?

    Even in my country, you can live well with 500$. It pays rent, food, bills, and some entertainment. I earn around 1500$ and I live like a king. That's why I once rejected an opportunity (scholarship) to go to the US. But with all being said, the opportunities to make money are way better in the...
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    Ukrainian girl from $0 to $2,000 per month

    I would say for girls it is relatively easier to make it on social media. I would suggest creating a social media account separately from adult aff. Create a tiktok and insta pages, grow as an attractive lady or as a brand, not as an affiliate links sharer. I understand you need active money to...
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    How can I earn up to $10 a day

    Check here.
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    If you had $100,000, how would you use it to generate a $X,XXX or $XX,XXX monthly income?

    Niche blog. Investing in quality articles with low competition. It will surely earn you good money in the long run.
  9. anushady

    [Journey] Is dropshipping still profitable in 2022?

    Yes from Aliexpress. Do express shipping. Cost a bit of money but hey happy customers. Delivery time is 7-12 days.
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    [Journey] Is dropshipping still profitable in 2022?

    Thank you very much! Thank you. I will update regularly. Noted. I agree it is not free. I will try to be as effective as possible with the statics. Thank you mate. Hope it is not. Thank you. Great job at figuring out dropshipping. Thank you for the support. I will keep you updated. Thank...
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    [Journey] Is dropshipping still profitable in 2022?

    Greetings. I will document my every move here. I decided to try drop shipping in 2022. Recently I have come across many people saying dropshipping is dead. Well, time to disprove them. What I did so far 1) Store 1 - Bought domain and Shopify plan - Created the store - Added 1 product...
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    What women traps should one always avoid ?

    "He is just a friend"
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    Newbie freelancer, looking for ways to earn.

    I am not into photography but there are low competition services in every niche. Always, the researcher gets more money than the talented one. So spend more time on research. It is good you have a helping partner. You can focus on research and getting clients while she focuses on the editing...
  14. anushady

    Newbie freelancer, looking for ways to earn.

    The photo editing niche is saturated. There are a lot of freelancers in that field. It will be difficult for you to get your first order. My advice is while those gigs rank, try to do a research on Fiverr and find some services with low competition. It can be in the photography field but branch...
  15. anushady

    My Journey at 17 to $1000/month with YouTube + Blog

    A high school student making 100+ $ a month? You are doing better than 99% of people your age. You should be proud. Now, It is time to create a sustainable future from this and live like a king. The key to success is consistency. You set a goal to upload 1 video per week. DO IT. Without any...
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    [Blogging Journey] Niche Site Journey To Passive $1k/month (Already started)

    If you started sharing on social media you would make 5X the traffic and the money you are making right now. Social media has a great impact on ranking and getting your website to people. I am not saying about aggressive sharing. Just ping all your articles on multiple social media platforms...
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    My Journey to 1000 Youtube Subscribers using PROVOCATIVE ORIGINAL COMMENTS

    Please consider spamming short videos. My friend did that for 2 months and got 20k subs. I also tried it in one channel and I got 400 subs in 2 weeks or so. Just download them from TikTok and upload them in a bunch. 30 videos a day will do the trick. PS - try to be a niche-specific to get...
  18. anushady

    How I Made $124,000 In ONE DAY and MAYBE So Can You!

    Now you have to scale since it is a proven way. Maybe ask your dad to get another wife.