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    Veryfication of google ads account

    I compare document verification system. There are companies that provide services for checking and scoring documents on outsourcing, these are used by crypto-exchanges, they do not check themselves, but give them to a specialized company. In the case of Google, perhaps they have their own...
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    Google Ads Threshold

    forget it, threshold accounts no longer work, those who send screenshots are an exception to the rule ))
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    Veryfication of google ads account

    if so, then very good)) I didn’t upload documents to Google, because I work mostly with trash hold accounts and there is no need to solve such problems, it’s easier for me to survive all the juices and throw out the account)) But I make an assessment on some crypto-exchanges, I made...
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    Why you BANNED on Google/Facebook Ads OR YOUR PROXY HAS DIED

    I see the solution of finding and using programs for transforming traffic with a proxy server, I heard there is a "proxy3", it can do this and now I am studying its use, as well as finding and using proxy services that support UDP, but there are very few of them, or raise your proxies with such...
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    Veryfication of google ads account

    As a rule, even if you send documents made in Photoshop, it will not save you much, with a 99% chance Google will determine that the documents are forged. I came across this and the only way I see it is to start advertising as soon as possible and spend as much of the budget as possible and...
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    Why you BANNED on Google/Facebook Ads OR YOUR PROXY HAS DIED

    Hi all! Today I will tell you why you are banned (one of the reasons) by any advertising platform, especially Google and Facebook Ads, and also why soon all proxy services will be useless for high-quality traffic arbitrage. For any activity where you need to use an array of accounts, you use...
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    Question about appeal

    Your campaigns are in freeze, it is better to wait for some time for 2-3 days, if nothing changes, then you can add 1-2 new ads and wait, if nothing changes, then pause the current campaign and create a new one
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    Tracking Template Triggers Suspension

    If Google gives you a ban now, it means that even if you didn't download the tracking template, you would have been banned anyway, but later. In general, in a new account, you should act as carefully as possible, if you need some settings, for example, a list of exclusions, targeting, it is...
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    Dolphin Anty + 4G Mobile Proxy

    why did you decide that these proxies do not suit you? Always check proxies for leaks in services such as ipscore and ipqualityscore, not every proxy service sells really high-quality material for your purposes,
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    Google Ads - Instantly Banned Accounts

    I agree, using high-quality vpn also solves the problem, as well as using ssh
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    Getting around a google ban with a new IP at my home

    absolutely right. You need to upgrade your user profile and farm your account before launching ads and after launch
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    Google Ads - Instantly Banned Accounts

    reading all the messages, one gets the feeling that advertising in google ads is pointless :D:D There are many marketers who use google ads, and everyone will tell you that if you are faced with a massive problem, then you need to change the procedure for creating an account and using it, a ban...
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    Google Ads got no impressions suddenly

    as a rule, if the account is out of the ban, it has a good trust rate and you can use it well
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    earn $100,000 in crypto with google advertising

    two question: are u use 1-2 accounts for ads or very much (because accs often going ban)? if u use much accs - treshholds or spend own money for ads budget?
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    Australia Google Ads Threshold

    I can help with solving the problems of launching campaigns, write if you want in pm
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    AdWords - betting

    The cloaca can be used only if you know how to use it. As previously said, keywords are the most important, and here you need knowledge that can only be obtained from experience.
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    How to make adword threshold accounts spend the whole budget?

    most likely you have too high a CPC, a large daily budget, or dangerous keywords (prohibited / keywords where permission is needed)
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    Google ads shopping campaign - ZERO IMPRESSIONS/CLICKS

    guys just wait and that's it, it may take a long time, but otherwise you will not do anything. maximum that you can change the settings of your campaign (bid, keywords, ads), sometimes it helps to get your account out of the freeze faster
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    Ads not running despite being approved and active

    how many cases of similar situations already, don't you read the chat. Google introduced such a rule because everyone is trying to deceive him. Therefore, make normal accounts similar to real users