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  1. turbo_tiger

    Coins with which you made 10 X

    Back in the days with VEN
  2. turbo_tiger

    Im new

    Hey Costa, welcome and enjoy the site!
  3. turbo_tiger

    Hello Im new here

    Welcome Mike, hope you will find everything that you're searching for!
  4. turbo_tiger

    anyone having problems scrapping IG likes?

    Have a similar problem but with followers :/
  5. turbo_tiger

    What is the best way to monetize a tiktok account?

    Place yourself as an expert in a (educational) niche through platform-appropriate videos and then sell a longer course through your link in the bio. Of course, this is more of a long-term approach. The topic could be almost anything finance, video editing, dating etc.
  6. turbo_tiger

    Why doesn't tiktok recommend my videos at all?

    I agree with the others that the content is crucial (style, content, quality) but 0 views already indicates that something is wrong with the account. Try once new videos with a new account and new device (possibly from another WLAN).
  7. turbo_tiger

    How do i change my tiktok location

    But you have to be careful, if you are in the same location for too long, it can change again. In addition, the app draws a lot of your data and can thus also draw the conclusions that you are actually based at another location.
  8. turbo_tiger

    More page followers

    You should also upload Reels natively to Facebook. It can take a while until the videos (with the right quality) are played out, but with the right stamina, exponential & organic growth could happen after some time.
  9. turbo_tiger

    Which one is safe: USDC TRC20 or USDC ERC20 Wallet?

    I completely agree with you, but even if the USDT Coin, which should be viewed critically, should get problems at some point and depegged, all other stablecoins will suffer as well, the entire crypto space is still extremely intertwined at the moment.
  10. turbo_tiger

    Looking for phone number for sms & voicemail

    How much does it cost per order? You can not see it without logging in.
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    Welcome and much success for you :)
  12. turbo_tiger

    adult content on reddit

    To retain people in the long run, sooner or later you should lead users to your Discord server and maintain it well.
  13. turbo_tiger

    Spotify stream farming / botting

    How high do you want to scale? 2 tracks seems super little, even for the beginning.
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    In any case, this is the usual way which can work quite well with a little luck and the right product. But you should not expect huge results, as already described here. Alternatively, you could also write a detailed, personal experience report about a product that solves an everyday problem well.
  15. turbo_tiger

    Can you recommend content planner?

    if you take some time to set it up for your needs there is hardly anything better than Notion.
  16. turbo_tiger

    Hello BHW

    Welcome mate, hope you'll have a good time here :)
  17. turbo_tiger

    New Twitter Ads Account are all getting ineligible.

    I have tried it several times and Twitter Ads were always very expensive for little results. Has anyone here had other experiences and might share some tips?
  18. turbo_tiger

    [GUIDE] How I ranked #1 for a high comp niche in 8 months with a free PBN

    Did you try it exactly 8 months ago or was it even longer?
  19. turbo_tiger

    Sup everyone!

    Hello and welcome, all your goals seem realistic here. Good luck in any case :)
  20. turbo_tiger

    PayPal alternative?

    If you are in US you can take a look at Bolt.