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  1. randybishop

    Ask Me Anything about Google Ads (AdWords) 2023

    How do brands drive up CPC to $100 a click when there is no competition?
  2. randybishop

    Best way to invest $20K on Flippa

    Good way to throw away up to 20K. Just sayin'.
  3. randybishop

    Spytool for adult campaigns?

    AdplexyAdult, groupbuy for $17
  4. randybishop

    Question! I want to buy a site from Flippa for passive earnings

    Good way to throw away $3K. Save that money, don't blow it on empty promises.
  5. randybishop

    My 88K Tiktok account got deleted

    My advice is not to bother with social media. you are working for social media and their platform. Build up your own properties, like an email list.
  6. randybishop

    How to find unique ideas for blog content

    Don't. Do keyword research on your competitor's ads (google) and bid on the same keywords and save yourself a shitload of time and frustration.
  7. randybishop

    I will probably get BANNED from BHW ...."The EASIEST and HARDEST ways to make $$$ ONLINE" My 2 cents

    2 Reasons: It is contrary to everything this forum is about and click-bait headline. ;)
  8. randybishop

    I will probably get BANNED from BHW ...."The EASIEST and HARDEST ways to make $$$ ONLINE" My 2 cents

    I've been making money online for tens years and I'm about to save you a lot of time. Fuck it. I've spent YEARS banging my head against the wall trying to make money online with empty pockets and nothing to show for it. Sure, I learned, but it was it was PAINFUL. Pain I hope to spare you. This...
  9. randybishop

    Google laying off 12000 workers. Things are only going to get crazier from here!

    FUCK GOOGLE. The operation is a user generated scam just like social networks.
  10. randybishop

    I'm stressed with ranking websites, what should I do?

    Quit. It's a waste of time. Pay for ads. Seo is an endless money pit.
  11. randybishop


    On the positive side, you don't have to worry about too many restroom breaks while working.
  12. randybishop

    How did ChatGPT actually help you so far?

    Nothing yet, but I hope it fucks Google in it's cyber ass! :mad:
  13. randybishop

    ChatGPT have a pro version now

    They could close subscription anytime to create scarcity, then you will regret not getting in. Also, it's not available in all counties. Anyone that has access is going to have a big advantage. $40 is insanely cheap, look at all the other products that are hundreds a month and don't have a...
  14. randybishop

    I spend alot of money on content and backlinks still no traffic

    That sucks. Ive been there. Ya dump loads of money into a project and never see results. You are probably up against big money websites hoovering up all the affiliate money. I don't bother with SEO anymore, it's a bottomless pit of money needed to keep a website on the first page for money...
  15. randybishop

    [Method] Reddit + ECOM (3 pictures)

    How would this promotion get people to an online store? I assume most would enter the contest, but few would take the time to look at the profile.