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    Questions Regarding Link Building

    Links from relevant sites and avoid paid links. If you build links on high quality relevant and natural links, you can stay longer and top
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    What Is Link Building?

    Link building is nothing but increasing your Quantity of links get back to your website. It depends on your quality of links. Only it helps you to stay top with long while. So, focus on quality and natural instead of quantity.
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    Best native ad platform for publishers? is one of the website run by Yahoo and Bing. You can try the one which is more similar to google adsense.
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    Google F*cked my Websites with October Update. What now?

    Every one saying improve the content. Does content needed for porn site?
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    It seems moz DA is a useful metric

    Mate, Domain authority is only for whole domain. That authority will pass to your entire domain. It will not vary for each page. Only the page will vary for each page.
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    Time Required To Index New Post

    It will be indexed quicker, 1 or 2 days. Have you done submitting the sitemap, and fetch it in Google search console. Improve your internal links, social media presence, do some High quality bookmarks.
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    It seems moz DA is a useful metric

    DA mostly depends on your content quality and high authority backlinks and referring domains. So, when you increase these two factors, automatically the ranking will remove as well as your domain authority
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    Do you frequently read SEO blogs for recent SEO news ?

    search engine journal is one of the reputed blog for reading SEO news. However, you can follow the Google, and more seo experts on twitter to get updated on SEO recent trends.
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    Some of the major Google SPAM policies should know

    Hello all, The following spam policies you should avoid to protect your website and improve the quality of search results: Cloaking - it refers the practice of presenting different content to users and search engines. Doorways - Having multiple websites with slight variations to the URL and...
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    301 redirect old is it safe to do?

    It depends. It is based on the domain spam score and the backlink type. If it is having more spam and did 301 redirection to your fresh domain, you will be penalized. So try to remove the spam if it is having through disavow and do the 301 redirection. If the domain was perfectly maintained...
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    Backlinks (Off-page) vs Content (On-page)

    I will give the 50 - 50.. The quality content and backlink from high profiled should have in equal percentage for SEO. We can't stay longer in higher position without backlink and it is vice versa. So, the quality is more important in content and backlink instead of quantity.
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    How you grow facebook pages

    You should have a clear optimised page which means right profile, cover, and description. Then you should start posting on your industry information with right trending hashtags. The page like ads are most effective for your Profile reach. Then start follow your industry peoples. You will get...
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    SEO in simple words

    SEO, it's like an art. You should be more creative and deliver the right content to your audience. Also, it depends on how unique you are and how familiar you are in among public. Surely, you can generate an quality traffic to your website.
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    What's wrong with Guest post?

    Guest posts backlinks are really still working well since the SEO is evolving. But there are certain validation need to do before choosing the blog. You must check the various factors of the blog including history, domain authority, spam score, traffic, ip, and more. It is the one of the...
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    Omitted search result

    Just try to build the backlinks for page 1 if you don't have website access. By the way you can push page 1.
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    Difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 backlinks?

    Tier 1 links - The high authority links which is directly pointing your money site (i.e. your website) Tier 2 links - The links from various sites including pbn, web2.0 and pointing your tier 1 links. It helps increasing your backlink quality and passing link juice to your money site directly.
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    If Facebook goes down for long it’ll drop in its rankings

    Twitter and Telegram CEOs will be one of the happiest persons if the Facebook went down for long
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    The Ultimate PBN Guide

    A great one about PBN. Really impressive. A lot to learn from finding, buying, and building expired domains. You Nailed it. Once again I wanna say Thanks for creating this one by spending your valuable time.
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    Google Ads Appear and Disappear on my site

    Then could you please check whether any adblock browser extension activate for the page?
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    Google Ads Appear and Disappear on my site

    Have you added the same code on the pages you wish to appearing of ad? You can use the same code where ever you needed on your site