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    I am 17 and do not know what to do with my life after highschool.

    Get a degree and you do something on the side. Uncertain times ahead. Having a degree helps.
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    Amazon FBA Vs Shopify Dropshipping (What's more profitable)

    Yes, with amazon FBA you know your inventory, you know your shipping times and you know Amazon is behind the delivery which is almost 100% accurate. With dropshipping some suppliers are not transparent, they accept orders without having stock and then scramble to source the products once you...
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    Amazon FBA Vs Shopify Dropshipping (What's more profitable)

    Just my personal opinion : You're in control when it comes to FBA. Dropshipping, it depends where your suppliers are located, if China then that's a strict no-no. If you have a trusted local supplier for dropshipping then you'll enjoy more margins.
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    how to passively learn a programming skill

    Programming is like driving a car, you get better after driving more and more. No one became a good driver just watching others drive.
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    Crazy couple of months in South East Asia

    Just came home from a crazy 2 months trip to SE Asia. Wish I could just move my ass to one of the beach towns. Hope everyone's doing good and wish you all a happy new year. Go crush your goals in 2023.
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    PayPal reinstates the $2,500 penalty for misinformation

    Going by that logic even 2checkout is supported in every country sans the sanctioned countries. They work well too but that doesn't mean they're the best. Stripe is the best when it comes to ease of use, integration, fees and payouts. Edit : I'm speaking from a seller's perspective. For buyers...
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    PayPal reinstates the $2,500 penalty for misinformation

    Nope. Stripe is. And stripe is a bit less of a snowflake than paypal. They all suck nonetheless when it comes to supporting the sellers from scams.
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    Anyone using Gumroad? Have some questions

    I just wanted to know if Gumroad is a good option for selling digital products? I've heard people getting suspended and not getting paid eventually. Is that common? Are the payouts on time? They've mentioned on their website they have to follow terms and conditions of their banking partners...
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    OnlyFans Management - Advice Needed

    I heard these Russian models opened bank accounts elsewhere, mostly in neighboring countries. Could that be an option?
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    Make money with Sports betting!

    Betting can never be a full time thing. I know a few guys who do poker but they're living their life on the edge. One step forward and a point of no return.
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    Having 15+ devices, what do?

    If you can actively work with them, manually grow instagram accounts for others. Or you can create multiple social media accounts and offer services like commenting, posting answers on quora etc.
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    These are normal people or demons?

    There's no secret sauce. They've mastered the art of bringing in a lot of traffic for cheap. Keep trying, maybe you'll hit the right spot some day.
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    I'm always talking to myself - am i crazy?

    This reminds me even I used to talk to my TV while watching porn lol..
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    Buying of bitcoin with debit card without otp.

    If you want anonymity then only a physical exchange will make that possible for you. Meet the seller, pay them cash get the BTC to your wallet. Voila, no paper trail. Wear a mask and bandana, there you go, added anonymity.
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    How to License Images?

    I think for that you'll need to contact an independent artist because all the stock images sites sell the same images to multiple people so there's a chance those images would appear on other sites as well.
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    I'm always talking to myself - am i crazy?

    Try some meditation man. It helps. Go and live in a secluded mountain top for a while.
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    What is the EASIEST Way you have Earned MONEY?

    Some people are too lazy and they can neither sell nor discard their own shit so they list it for free on craigslist. I used to pick those free things up and sell them off. Still involves a little bit of work but good profit overall. It was easy, I'd say.
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    Which Theme is Your 2nd Choice After Generatepress?

    I've heard good things about Neve too.
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    Is it possible to manage 100,000 websites?

    If you've already seen the man, just ask him the question how is he doing it lol