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  1. don dada

    [Journey] Ranking A Site That Uses AI Generated Content

    Why are you not making any money with 18k pageviews?
  2. don dada

    Low morale.

    Nobody is happy all the time
  3. don dada

    [Journey] Reaching 1,000+ Visitors A Day In 90 Days With A Fresh Domain And NO Backlinks!

    Man, your keyword criteria is quite high. But dope if they exist. Good luck mate.
  4. don dada

    Should you buy the Ruble now to get rich later?

    Several stock on the Moscow stock exchange also dropped in value. The government had to ban people from selling short. Buying those devalued asset including the rule will be a smart investment; after the war there real value will be restored and that's a lot.
  5. don dada

    Your YouTube channels + my content

    Just buy your own channel if that's possible. Most established channels already have a repository of content.
  6. don dada

    [Journey] Six Figures in Sixty Days Starting With Zero

    Bold goals. Good luck on your journey.
  7. don dada

    Today I became a billionaire. Nothing feels different.

    A billion dollars cash? Really? Not stocks or other cash receivables, just right there in your bank account. You're either the newest druglord in town or a lying piece of shii.
  8. don dada

    [CPA] $100 to $5000 in 1 Month

    Cool. Let's see how it will go. Best of luck.
  9. don dada

    10,000 Instagram Email List [FREE]

    Good work. Thanks
  10. don dada

    [METHOD] How I Made $4,293.49 Selling MAGA Hats on Facebook With ClickFunnels (And Free Traffic)

    Little bit intimidating but very actionable. Will work with any passionate niche.
  11. don dada

    KDP Journey as a Non-Writer

    Do you use amazon ads or is it all organic?
  12. don dada

    [Journey] Crypto Project that promises daily 3% gain - The Animal Farm.

    How are they generating the revenue to pay you daily?? You might want to cash out asap before things go sour
  13. don dada

    KDP Journey as a Non-Writer

    Good job mate! Quick question, what tools would you advice for high volume production?
  14. don dada

    Multiple ebay accounts from one PC

    Having multiple accounts is not against eBay t&c Use different ip and name variation to get thing smooth
  15. don dada

    The idiot guide to making $3K/month will work for you if?

    You should create a youtube channel. Get the message out. You might make some money that way
  16. don dada

    I can extract emails from google

    F*king mind games. Don't tell them your method. Just research email marketing.
  17. don dada

    Road to become a millionaire update #3

    Those self help bullshit. Don't be banking on dumb ass happiness too. I mean, who's always happy. Just hustle