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  1. BHLurker

    ⭕️⭕️⭕️ [9+ Years] Press Release To 500+ Top Sites ✅ MarketWatch ✅ AP News ✅ NBC, CBS, FOX ✅ High DA

    just submitted a payment! thanks in advance 0NH94842G04201537
  2. BHLurker | SMM Panel | Advanced Dripfeed Option | Non-Drop Youtube Views | HQ Instagram Followers | 200+ SMM Services

    username bhlurker requesting resellers rates and quote for 100k facebook fan page likes
  3. BHLurker

    WTH Pop up-Pop Under Campaign Expert

    hey fellas, im looking for a pop up, pop under expert to help us optimize a few campaigns, we are promoting a PC Software.
  4. BHLurker

    "Web Safety" Affiliate Programs

    I have something right for you, feel free to PM/
  5. BHLurker

    (JV) Looking for partners, our Product, our processing, our sales team! Your calls! 50/50 Profits

    after doing numbers definitely the profit is less nonetheless this is an open opportunity
  6. BHLurker

    (Want to Hire) Pop-Up Expert.

    hey fellas, I am looking to do a quick but broad consultation with someone experienced in pop up ads, our business its in the cyber security, pc optimize niche. Feel free to hit my PM
  7. BHLurker

    (JV) Looking for partners, our Product, our processing, our sales team! Your calls! 50/50 Profits

    Hey fellas, the post is very self explanatory we've got a legal and licensed web business based in the US, product is $99.99 or $49.99 per month, profit is of $40 on each sale, that can be splitted. HMU if you can generate calls!
  8. BHLurker

    Sicha.IO ✅ Pay Per Call Platform - Get More Leads For Your Business

    I see no replies from you guys.
  9. BHLurker Pay Per Call and LeadGen Affiliate Network

    Hey there, we tried to join as a company looking to buy calls nonetheless our account has not been activated yet, can you assist us?
  10. BHLurker

    Can you recommend a hungry Pay Per Call Network? We need calls!

    Hey guys, we have a company in the US promoting a $99.99 digital product, we've got a full team of sales pro in a call center ready to process and bank. Please link me or refer me to a hungry pay per call network that we can work with. Thanks in advance
  11. BHLurker

    *JV) Your calls/traffic our Sales Team and Product Big Money

    Hey we've got a new $100 product, our Sales Team an actual call center ready to close on any prospects. Product is related to personal data and protection. hit me up if you've got any experience getting calls in. Money to be made ASAP
  12. BHLurker

    JV : My $50,000 Investment and Your Business Idea !

    hmu we might be able to jump on a call.
  13. BHLurker

    Pay per Install Advertisement

    hallo, I have a service and also a software that I want to promote with installed PPI, can anyone advice me or point me in the right direction thanks in advance
  14. BHLurker

    Shopify - Payment Processors

    You need to find an actual processor nonetheless if you're dropshipping thats gonna be hard