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  1. Rufai

    Google has embraced AI content!!!

    That article got me to this thread lol
  2. Rufai

    Hosting Advice

    Self hosted VPS hosting is a good way to go. I think Vultr high frequency VPS starts at $6/m and it is very fast and you can host multiple sites there
  3. Rufai

    [Suggest] Amazon Affiliate Theme For WordPrees

    Astra, Generatepress, OceanWP, Kadence
  4. Rufai

    [Journey] Building an Authority Site from Scratch

    Another Quick Update Just got invited to Ezoic premium. I think I will just go with the month to month plan because I don't think I will stay with them for too long.
  5. Rufai

    Hello BHW Family

    Welcome to the forum @nandokio
  6. Rufai

    hello all

    Welcome to the forum mate
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    Chat-GPT Down & Hints Paid Version comming

    Whenever you get this message, visit open AI website and click "Try ChatGPT" available at the top. It will work.
  8. Rufai

    [Journey] Building an Authority Site from Scratch

    Quick Update Got a collaboration with a very big website DR: 75 Visits: 20 Million After watching Morten's (Passive Income Geek) video on HARO, I decided to give it a try and started responding to queries using the exact same template he shared in the video. So today, I received a response...
  9. Rufai

    ChatGPT rewriting is scary!

    Yes I'm currently generating a massive amount of articles using ChatGPT and I get an average of 800 words depending on the keyword. It really depends on how you command the tool
  10. Rufai

    ChatGPT rewriting is scary!

    You could just ask it to write the article instead of a rewrite. It does a very good job at writing articles.
  11. Rufai

    ❤️[Ongoing Journey]❤️ Scaling a website from ✅ $500/m to ▶️ $5k with ⭐Display Ads and ⭐Affiliate Offers

    Good luck with your journey. I hope you will reach your goals faster this time.
  12. Rufai

    [JOURNEY] $500/month by end of 2021 by blogging!

    I'm using Ezoic and didn't have speed issues. Maybe some speed optimizations could help.
  13. Rufai

    [JOURNEY] $500/month by end of 2021 by blogging!

    Nice stats. Why are you using Adsense instead of other ad networks like Ezoic and Monumetric?
  14. Rufai

    Website not appear in google search engine

    Are you sure the site is indexed and you've set up GSC properly? It it is really crawled and indexed, then you should at least be getting some impressions. This.
  15. Rufai

    [Method] How to auto ban spammers begging for free guest post?

    Can you share how to do it? Because this is not a how to but what to
  16. Rufai

    Website not appear in google search engine

    Check GSC and see if it's getting clicks/impressions
  17. Rufai

    [Journey] Scaling an Authority website to 10K a month (and beyond)

    Hello @Kikerinka Happy New Year and hope you are doing good. Also, thanks for the mention. It really means a lot to me. And yes, I totally agree that good niche/keywords research + consistency are very important when it comes to blogging. No I shared it with him and asked for feedback/guidance.