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  1. icarusflight

    Good investment for 1000usd?

    Have you think on a website?
  2. icarusflight

    [Giveaway ] VPN one month

    I'm interested. Please count me in.
  3. icarusflight

    What captcha solving service is the best?

    I've never heard about "azcaptcha" before. Does it really works?
  4. icarusflight

    Instagram Bot

    You should try I've been using it for a while and it works fine for those ends.
  5. icarusflight

    Learning Python.

    I'll suggest as well. However, I strongly suggest you to learn the Logic of Programming before starting with any specific programming language. Here you can find some good info:
  6. icarusflight

    T-Shirt Design

    Outsource that s*.
  7. icarusflight

    The truth about Bitcoin is Out!

    Do you think that Satoshi dude even existed? I've read actual BTC creators' identity is unknown.
  8. icarusflight

    How to make $$ via torrents?

    Maybe when they somehow figure out how to mine crypto using torrents:p
  9. icarusflight

    So many coins & ICO, I'm confused! I wanna buy them all!

    ZCash is often mentioned nowadays too. And also sorta profitable to mine if you have decent servers lying around.
  10. icarusflight

    Adobe Dreamweaver

    Do people still use DW in 2017?
  11. icarusflight

    Gooood morning Vietnam!

    Quite the skillset. Welcome aboard and good luck!
  12. icarusflight

    [2013] What I Have Learned From One Year in Internet Marketing

    Nice thread. My 2 cents: You have to try out a lot of different things, only this way you'll figure out what's best for you. There are no shortcuts.
  13. icarusflight

    Blogging still profitable?

    This scenario is kind of harsh. Maybe try lesser saturated niches if you're just starting.
  14. icarusflight

    How can i drive traffic to my blog.

    This is incredibly effective for me too.
  15. icarusflight

    How many real traffic I can get by Blogging ? I'm new help me

    "Content is king" is what I've heard the most from successful bloggers.
  16. icarusflight

    Youtube suspended one of my channels for spam with no reason

    What type of videos were you hosting in your channel?
  17. icarusflight

    Bitcoin wallet with affiliate program?

    Wallets not sure, but there are plenty of exchangers with affiliates , so I would go with several of those (just google "btc exchange affiliate).
  18. icarusflight

    I just lost 1500€ gambling..

    The thread can be closed after this contribution.
  19. icarusflight

    100's of Bitcoin somewhere on my PC

    Just never mention Bitcoins to the techs , but some BS like "I had valuable familiy pictures in there".
  20. icarusflight

    Do domain registrars ever check fake names

    The big guys often do.