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    Google acquiring chatgpt and shutting it down

    it would be a great day to see the end of google and its manipulation of search results for its own ends .ill pray for that day
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    Wordpress Automatic Just Killed The Game

    google deserves this ,they have completely ruined organic search and the quicker they are out th game the better
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    How to use a US debit card on Binance

    you can try directly through your skrill account linked through binance but here in the uk that is also blocked so i first transfer to revolut and then send to my skrill account to fund binance .the only fee is skrill charges £1 for any size transfer
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    [ULTIMATE METHOD] Wordpress - Generated AI Article with AI image

    i think this plug in is really good with no real issues so far ,you do get alot of duplicate content in each article but its only fetching what it finds .make sure to read through before posting and edit it a little like you would with any spun content,.as mentioned the images are usually...
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    Knowledge is 0 about SEO where should I start

    while reading the forum you could also add rank math seo to a wordpress site and that will quiet quickly show you step by step how to improve the seo score of each page, post and image om the site .more of a hands on approach
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    creating own cryptocurrency

    you need a purpose for your coin, it doesnt need to be anything too clever like smart contracts it could just be the only way to buy a certain software or join a club. you also need to distribute them among devs and investors and give them a reason to hold your coin ,which would benefit from a...
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    What do you think about these cryptos?

    bitcoin is speculation so anything other than bitcoin is speculating on speculation ,not a wise move
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    Competitor buying fake google reviews

    personally i would just have a qr code on the counter of your shop and get good reviews from real customers ,theres a thread here you could use for how to set something up yourself
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    Best way to avoid paying taxes on crypto?

    i keep some of my fiat on the revolut app you can easy withdraw from binace with only a small fee charged by skrill .it doesnt hit my bank and i have apple pay ,a virtual card ,all sorts of things to hustle my fiat .not to sure about long term though but it beats monza . ive also bought and...
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    You have only 10 years left to live. What would you do?

    i live my life day by day never mind 10 years .always remember nobody is promised tomorrow and live your life to full as best you can every day.
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    im all in again

    its just a bull trap ,stand by
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    LUNC and USTC in an absolute BULLRUN!

    i bought myself 168k lunc for $10 ,well worth a punt .if they reach a dollar ill sell .the volume is over 500 million busd per day .
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    Musk: I never told you to invest in crypto

    he1ll go the same way it did for john macfee ,only elon will deserve it
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    [Question] How many blog posts do you suggest for the first months of starting a blog?

    if its a blog you want the content to look hand written and original so i wouldnt post more than 4 times a day ,it looks unnatural. if its a news site then every few minutes would be normal
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    Can local see be done on google my business without a website. Can provide google my business link

    i rank and rent a plasterers gmb without a website ,just a mobile number and an email .i probably receive 8-!0k worth of leads per month from it..
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    Website is ranking in "normal" SERP for location but not map pack

    add more categories to the gmb page ,up date with new images and fill out there stupid covid guide lines for the business.and as said if possible a few more reviews .theres a post here about asking for directions to a business address and making your way there following maps instructions...
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    Withdrawing Crypto --> Fiat?

    i use revolut bank app to withdraw and deposit .you get a virtual card so you can spend your profit without it hitting your can buy and sell crypto on the app but can only withdraw btc which is expensive
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    Best local SEO course?

    forget courses you can never tell whats worth studying until its over . your in the right forum ,look through this sub forum go back 10 pages and read everything you can find that has plenty of views and thumbs up back to page 1 .
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    Have you already said goodbye to blackhat SEO ?

    were all black hat here, trying to make our sites look white hat with black hat knowledge .its still a winner so why change ?