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  1. jennyxzxz

    ⚡⚡ Get Powerful Off Page SEO Service Backlinks ⚡⚡ Boost Up Your Website Rank With Multi tier Links ✅

    Received review copy. Everything is as per advertised. There is an excel sheet with all the information of the links. Content used was relevant to the niche given. Links are good for diversity. Communication and TAT was fast.
  2. jennyxzxz

    DR50+ Curated Links for $44 Only

    Received 1 x niche link as part of the review copy. Overall, this is one of the best niche link that I have acquired in the marketplace. The DR is 72, UR is 48, organic traffic is 100k The article is aged and around 1 year + old, and the anchor is placed nicely on the article. As my niche...
  3. jennyxzxz

    DR50+ Curated Links for $44 Only

    Any review copies still avail?
  4. jennyxzxz

    ❇️❇️❇️ Authority Profile Backlink Service ⭐ Foundation Links ⭐ Forum Profile Links ⭐ Social Media Profile Links ⭐ Ask Sample Link ⭐ ❇️❇️❇️

    Received the review copy. Total 30 links with all details in excel format. The links are as advertised. With placement of links on high DA websites, profile links, etc. There are mixture of do-follow and nofollow links. The links are good for diversification. Some points for improvement...
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    [The Wolf of SEO Maze] | Dr.SEO Brings Us The CURE | DR 35+ & DA 50+ Niche Guest Posts at $25/Post! 50% OFF

    Received 2x links as part of the review copy. The DA/RD are (41/1650) and (40/1571), as advertised. Both sites are relevant to the site given, which is good. Content are readable and >600 words and matched the kw and site given. A plus point. KW are placed appropriately along the post...
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    Indexing issue after website gotten phishing attack

    The posts has been around like 6 months alr, but still not indexed. thus was wondering why
  7. jennyxzxz

    Indexing issue after website gotten phishing attack

    THere are around 5 pages. there are many indexed url such as standard contact us etc. But there are also some which shows only image and title (that i uploaded) - no content kind On GSC, there are "Submitted and indexed" - 46. "Discovered - currently not indexed" - 66 (some articles/post...
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    Indexing issue after website gotten phishing attack

    hello all! My site gotten phishing attack about 1 year ago, at that point of time, my website have red alerts from Google, after which I fixed it and submit a request to Google and all is fine already. However, currently, i added new articles (around 10), but only a few is indexed, the rest are...
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    Site Ranking with ✅ 100% Niche Edit Powerful Backlinks | Fast Delivery with Affordable Price ❤️ Discount Available

    Received 1x wiki link as part of the review copy. The wiki content are related to the niche given, external link is at the end of the page, with relevant keyword as well. Good niche wiki link. The link is indexed. Overall good niche link and good communication.
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    Received 1 x link as part of the review. The guest posting was on a home niche sites, which is relevant to the site given. However, the site is pretty common, which I already had a post on it. The content was readable and well-researched, with a do-follow link. The post was not indexed yet...
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    Received 1x quora link as part of the review copy. OP ensured that the link stick before sending it out to me. The quora content was well-researched and the content is good, even better than some blog post.. The kw was also well placed in the content. Overall, I would say OP is really putting...
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    Premium Homepage links ☑️ Passout Link Juice Do-Follow ️ DA Upto 45+ ✅ Dr Upto 35+⚡ PA Upto 35+ Ahref RD Upto 500+ Get On The SERPs Today

    Received 2 links as part of the review copy. RD of the 2 domains are above 400. The layout and structure of the theme is well-designed. Content avg.above 600 words, content is well-researched, relevant to keyword and passed copyscape. Links are not yet indexed as I just received it...