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  1. TwentySix

    COVID-19 in the long run

    1.2 million confirmed cases (as of today) If this keeps climbing at the pace it's been going. I truly believe that we're looking at another great depression maybe not as bad, but something in that realm. It may sound drastic, but history always repeats itself...
  2. TwentySix

    Anyone else slowly losing their mind??

    Maybe i worded the post a little wrong. More of losing motivation than everything. All my online work got paused, and im on my computer for 8+ hours a day without making money. Its getting depressing
  3. TwentySix

    Anyone else slowly losing their mind??

    Exactly!! Maybe i worded the post a little wrong.. not really losing my mind. More of losing motivation, I mean everything i had going for me is on pause. Im on my computer for 8+ hours a day but not really making money. It's just depressing
  4. TwentySix

    Anyone else slowly losing their mind??

    Figured :D:D
  5. TwentySix

    Anyone else slowly losing their mind??

    Soo.. ive been on lockdown for like 2 weeks now. Website still paused, the weather sucks, and ive watched almost everything on netflix. Quickly running out of things to do. Anyone else feeling like this? Or is it just me??
  6. TwentySix

    Affiliate Marketing Suggestions?

    So i'm trying to get into Affiliate Marketing, since my dropshipping store is paused at the moment. The problem is... i've tried getting into this before, and I just had a lot of issues with where to begin really. I know Clickbank is popular but it doesn't seem like the right fit for me. Anyone...
  7. TwentySix

    Is Freelancing the move, while my website is paused for the meantime?

    The virus has really been affecting my website, i don't really want to be out of work and just wait this out. So im thinking of doing some freelancing work. Has anyone had any success doing this? Im not expecting as much as my website was making me, but just enough while we wait this one out.
  8. TwentySix

    Gas prices looking beautiful

    Im in Michigan
  9. TwentySix

    Gas prices looking beautiful

    On a regular day, its usually about $2.50-$3.00 a gallon. Ive never seen it this low in my life :D
  10. TwentySix

    Gas prices looking beautiful

    Well, i got a storage unit because i was in the middle of moving out when all of this was going down, and wasn't able to move in because of the virus. So i'm staying at my grandparents for the meantime. Every couple days i got to run up there and grab some things, since i only brought my...
  11. TwentySix

    Moral dilemma, what would you do?

    Pathetic for that guy to act like that. If i was there... that guy is going to catch some hands from me. That video killed my whole mood :/
  12. TwentySix

    OMG Food panic in EU Belgium now.

    Funny story: I was driving and i passed this truck that had his whole bed, back, and front seat filled with canned food. He hit a pot hole and all the canned food in his truck bed fell out and covered the whole street. There was about 5 cops helping him pick everything up.. :D
  13. TwentySix

    Which Movie(s) Made You Cry?

    The Pursuit of Happyness With Will Smith
  14. TwentySix

    Gas prices looking beautiful

    Ehhh, I mean i'm definitely not complaining :D
  15. TwentySix

    Gas prices looking beautiful

    So i was driving around earlier today, and kept seeing all these gas stations at $1.43 a gallon.. Ive never seen them this low in my life. Put $20 in my tank and got 13 gallons. To say the least... I'M SHOOK lol Im wondering if gas prices have been dropping everywhere else too. How cheap is...
  16. TwentySix

    hello everyone

    Of course!! Welcome to BHW
  17. TwentySix

    The Mentality Of Some Idiots

  18. TwentySix

    Enjoying Self Quarantine, What about you..?

    I work from home, so i'm just chilling doing the same thing ive been doing for the past 2 years. My website is hurting a little tho :/
  19. TwentySix

    Truth Behind Corona Virus

    Thats definitely thinking out of the box.. Without humans Earth would be thriving. The Coronavirus was made in a lab in China and im thinking its about population control :D The smart ones who listened and stayed inside will get through this, and the ones who didnt listen.. well they're history lol
  20. TwentySix

    Coronavirus and how its affecting my dropshipping site.. Any suggestions where to go from here?

    With the Coronavirus and my country (USA) basically shutting down and everyone being on lockdown. I feel like its a blessing and a curse for us. Since were the only ones that can keep working because everything is online, so its hard to be out of work completely, but its also a curse since all...