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  1. Johnpeterburs

    free traffic for dropshiping

    Here take a look, 1. What is your product profit Margin? If you run Ads, then you get leads/conversions. Also, make sure what is your return RTO%. 2. Populating over FB groups or other social media, merely the impression count will come, then make a stats for your clicks and conversions...
  2. Johnpeterburs

    Where I can create Email without phone number

    Google does too.
  3. Johnpeterburs

    What are difference of HTTP and SOCKS?

    Rightly said, any video streaming requires SOCKS5.
  4. Johnpeterburs

    What is the best hosting for PBNs right now?

    I'd tell Godaddy for DNS and AWS for hosting, standard and secure. When you plan for a big business you've got to accept the churn.
  5. Johnpeterburs

    2nd Blogging Journey - Translated Content

    It was amazing and it works well for me too. But it's not the translated content I've tried, made on alternative language and received a warm welcome. Gives a greatest potential than I've ever thought. Success to your journey too!
  6. Johnpeterburs

    My blogger with ChatGPT journey

    GA - Google Analytics, GSC - Google Search Console. We can check the flow, origin, and every precise information of traffic through them.
  7. Johnpeterburs

    Don't waste time using ChatGPT 100% content

    Yes, Grammarly helps a lot in the paid version.
  8. Johnpeterburs

    Is there a way to generate 10,000+ pages of Unique Local services pages? Example: "gutter cleaning in [city]"

    Loads of manual administration will be required for maintaining 10000+ pages. Also, it should not be a content-dumping platform. Normally, e-commerce sites can fit ur requirements.
  9. Johnpeterburs

    How to track where come my visotors ?

    Content from CGPT?
  10. Johnpeterburs

    How to track where come my visotors ?

    Spend more time on GA, please. Also Ahrefs helps you too
  11. Johnpeterburs

    Everyone will get one free Wordpress Theme or Plug-in of your choice.

    Fabulous to have them if it's available.
  12. Johnpeterburs

    Ai tools are crap. This is why.

    China is designing a lazy helping robot to work on CGPT and to fully automate. Sooner will be the release date.
  13. Johnpeterburs

    My blogger with ChatGPT journey

    Channelize the traffic in GSC or GA where the source comes from, and also segment the 43 visitors to new users vs the new sessions by returning ones.
  14. Johnpeterburs

    My blogger with ChatGPT journey

    Curious to know what this IFTTT can solve and bring superiority? From my understanding is this an SM management platform like Hootsuite? Plz educate.
  15. Johnpeterburs

    What's The Mos Effective AI Content Detector?

    Alright! Let me test it. Thanks for the info mate.
  16. Johnpeterburs

    What's The Mos Effective AI Content Detector?

    This brings effective detection? Any personal experience?
  17. Johnpeterburs

    Is it better to run google shopping ads than facebook?

    It really depends on the experimentation mate. Cannot blindly judge parameters on a blank note, attributes of keyword research, competition, ratings, even the website landing & customer review, and experience matters a lot sometimes. Also, FB is impulse-based conversion whereas Google Shopping...
  18. Johnpeterburs

    What's The Mos Effective AI Content Detector?

    For GTP3, has not landed on this planet yet.
  19. Johnpeterburs

    Animal & Pet Blog

    I can see too many people popularising pet domains. Good going. Also how abt children's health?
  20. Johnpeterburs

    Instagram Database with over 100million records. How to store all that data?

    Start doing sentimental analysis for Instagram or Twitter using apache tools particularly from Nifi. It does synchronize, channelize and save data to further ingestion.