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  1. lorentzo

    Where's your dream place to live? Looking to move soon

    I was thinking on moving in Las Palmas recently - as you're on Tenerife and have kinds - what would you say is an OK'ish budget per month to live there?
  2. lorentzo

    ChatGPT have a pro version now

    Probably is not yet live for everyone, at least for me is not; no option to upgrade, i will do it in fast so i can benefit from this AI later on also. Imagine how much money you can actually make with chatgpt when you pay just 42 bucks per month, it's still very cheap.
  3. lorentzo

    Launching Offer | Exclusive to BHW Members | Premium Guest Posts | Unitedx Bulls Niche Editorial Links | DA 50+ | RD 2500+

    I have recently got a review copy from @Parker2010, and here is my review: Communication I asked for a review copy, and one day after, I was approached by Parker where we spoke a bit about my domain, niche, etc. - everything was fluid, and all the details were set. What i Received: I was...
  4. lorentzo

    Which old members are still active?

    Depends what old means...
  5. lorentzo

    My GPT-3 AI Auto Blogging Site Within 2 Month - 95K Keywords and 45K Traffic According to Ahref

    The AI and the articles helped..but lets ve clear here, you have an aged domain with backlinks and you added some more after - basically you have this stats because of those backlinks. Imagine gaving 100k articles on a website, with a hand of backoinks you will rank for a few thousand kws no...
  6. lorentzo

    ⏩⏩ Buy Wikipedia Backlinks ⏪⏪ Niche Relevant ⏪⏪

    Hi, What are the Wikipedia link requirements? How old should a domain be - any other rules? Thank you -lorentzo
  7. lorentzo

    Upgrading your ChatGPT with Web data

    Interesting approach - will use this
  8. lorentzo

    What is your favorite method to drive traffic to your new blog ?

    Social Media in general - but depends on the niche. I used to write a comprehensive study case in my niche and do guest posting also - that bring some traffic also. -lorentzo
  9. lorentzo

    I'm back ~ 1year of break

    Hey everyone! Long time no see! It's been a hot minute since I've been active on the forum, but I'm excited to be back and see all the new stuff that's been going on. I even got my "blue badge" back :) I hope some of you still remember me, but if not, no worries. I'm always down to make new...
  10. lorentzo

    LINKDEXING ✅ The link Indexer that works.✅ Upto 90% Indexing Rate [Period]⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    I want 25 Free credits as Review copy username: Inglourious
  11. lorentzo

    Want to move to Spain for a month in 2020. Need advice

    I would say you need to come to Spain's Islands... I recommend Las Palmas and Tenerife of course.
  12. lorentzo

    New Facebook Page - What type of promotion for page likes?

    Hi @GrizzlyBeardMan you're right the ADS Manager is better for customizing the ad, but trough boosting i can choose the region, interest, behaviors, etc also - the ad performed well got 700 likes and 70 shares for 11.86$ so that's ok, i just taught by inviting members to like my page i will get...
  13. lorentzo

    New Facebook Page - What type of promotion for page likes?

    Hi folks, I just started a new Facebook Page in a travel sub-niche - what type of ads would you run first to get the max likes to the page? Currently, I have posted a photo and boost it for engagement - i taught that inviting the people to like the page afterward would be a nice a more cheap...
  14. lorentzo

    Looking for a Ecommerce Directory Script/Theme where everyone can display products.

    Hi folks, I'm looking for an e-commerce Directory Script/Theme where everyone can display products from their shops, BUT there should not be a buy now on my site... when clicking on a product..this should redirect customers to their websites, is there such a thing? Doesn't matter if it's paid...
  15. lorentzo

    [DIY] How To Create Your Own 4G Proxy

    The site you have copied the entire tutorial and pictures - you have modified the text a little bit but..still.
  16. lorentzo

    [DIY] How To Create Your Own 4G Proxy

    You should give credits to the right least
  17. lorentzo

    Corona Virus Impact on Niches - Share Your Stats

    Online Games niche - aprox 31% up now in terms of traffic and aprox 11.29% in sales.