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  1. Wolfberg

    How to make her my wife?

    Build it and she will come ;)
  2. Wolfberg

    Social Media tools Management

    My first recommendation would be SproutSocial but that is a little above your budget so I would say Hootsuite.
  3. Wolfberg

    Web Analytics

    Hello, Just curious as to what web analytics provider you all use...? I know Google is the main player in the game but I'm tempted to use OWA. Anyone else not using Google?
  4. Wolfberg

    SAAS Journey

    UPDATE #1.1 This is not a formal update but I feel I missed something off the one I posted earlier. I forgot to mention why I have decided to make the service 'freemium'. Simply, if I was to monetize the website, and/or create other income streams and not charge for anything at all, I feel...
  5. Wolfberg

    Streaming Site

    Will check them out now! Thank you
  6. Wolfberg

    SAAS Journey

    Update #1 Hello Again... Since my first post in this journey, a few days back, I have come quite far in terms of what I feel I want to do with my website and how to approach it. Originally I was going to run the web app as a standalone service and users could use it for free, with no need for...
  7. Wolfberg

    How to get traffic for viral website?

    The best thing to do is just share... share... share. Keep posting your stuff on Facebook and Twitter. This is what I do for a number of FB pages and websites and I also have no money to spend on buying ads, traffic etc. You just got to dedicate your time to building it naturally. Build it and...
  8. Wolfberg

    Nulled Themes

    Hello, This has been discussed many times before, I know. But, I am curious to know if any of you use nulled themes/and or scripts for client projects? I've used them myself on personal projects but never for a client and I was thinking about doing it, and taking my own due diligence into care...
  9. Wolfberg

    SAAS Journey

    Thank you :)
  10. Wolfberg

    SAAS Journey

    Software As A Service :)
  11. Wolfberg

    SAAS Journey

    Hello... I've been around BHW for quite a while now, though I only created my account a few months back, and I have decided it's time to share my journey and plans with you guys. I have read a lot online and done a lot of research over my time to try and discover what method I would like to...
  12. Wolfberg

    Journey Suggestions Please

    One thing that seems to be quite good is building a SAAS (software as a service) website... There is plenty of scope for what service you can offer and for your investment and time that you have, I think it would be pretty suited to you, as in the long run it has very high profits.
  13. Wolfberg

    REUPLOAD - 70$+ per day Porn Uploading system

    I literally skipped to the end to ask, didn't pay attention to any of the other replies, my bad mate :)
  14. Wolfberg

    REUPLOAD - 70$+ per day Porn Uploading system

    Can I have the PDF please :) Thanks in advance
  15. Wolfberg

    Facebook Fanpage Likes

    I am currently venturing with a new method that consists of building and growing a Facebook fanpage based around a specific public figure. It is a very niche person and the only other page is the guy's actual verified fanpage so I suppose this makes it easier. I am looking for a way, or...
  16. Wolfberg

    Website Script/Template

    Guys/Girls, Do any of you have a website template or know where I can find one that I can use for a streaming website I am creating?
  17. Wolfberg

    Streaming Site

    Would you mind giving me a PM? I have a few questions if that is ok.
  18. Wolfberg

    Streaming Site

    Hello, I am currently building a streaming site for TV shows and movies and need some advice. What other options are there for video hosting services, other than the two I currently use; - Openload -MegaVideo Suggestions please?