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    ~ [Unlimited Giveaway] Get AI Generated Articles With Images, FAQ Section, Intro, Pros and Cons etc. [Unlimited Giveaway] ~

    Hi, Thanks for the giveaway. I hope most of those 20 articles will be good. So here are the details of my request: Niche: writing and SEO Keywords: SEO, writer, writing, agency, AI, ChatGPT, freelancer, Google, offshore Articles like: "The 5 benefits of workin with an offshore agency" and...
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    A little rant

    A sad truth indeed :'(
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    A little rant

    So, I am a content writer and I find most of my clients through Facebook. I found a new one two weeks ago and she ordered her first article. As someone who offer 500 words for free for anyone to test, I immediately accepted without thinking about what may come next. She said that the test was...
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    What is your opinion on cryptocurrency?

    Crypro is great only for the people in countries where they can use them. In third world countries like mine, it has no impact up until now. Noone really talks about it and surely there will be nothing that will be done about it in 5 or 10 years. It is like PayPal in the beginning and now. Up...
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    (Get) Working Instagram Bot with python script (( with full guide))

    Thank you. That is a sound advice.
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    Spinning Method

    There was a full guide about that here. Search around and you may find it. And it showed that people really use such method to generate contents which rank well.
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    Will ChatGPT kill blogging and Google?

    But if we all stop blogging, where will it find the informations to provide to its users? And what about people who live in third-world countries blocked by many tools like that? Personally, I think Google and blogging will continue to exist, but we will have to adapt to the new users needs.
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    Ever wondered how people are passing selfie & ID verification?

    So is it like the "deepfake" they are all talking about right now? Thanks anyway. This will be useful later on
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    (Get) Working Instagram Bot with python script (( with full guide))

    So is it good to promote links on comment on Insta or not? I'm fairly new to this, but I have some links I need to promote. Thanks already for the people who will reply to my question.
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    BOOKING.COM method

    Be more specific with your question next time instead of saying mean words to people. This is a really good commuinity and you will earn more by being nice here. I already hate you with this comment and I'm gonna ignore you from now on :/
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    [Journey] My Experiment with Auto Blogging - Let's See How Many $$$ Can I Make?

    What do you mean by that? I thought it was all about backlinks as per a huge thread I saw on this forum yesterday
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    I got married a big thank you to BHw

    Congrats on the wedding. Yes, I remember you always saying that you wanted to get married. It finaly happen and we are all so happy for you :)
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    [Journey] My Experiment with Auto Blogging - Let's See How Many $$$ Can I Make?

    Following to see where it will go. Good luck on your journey
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    Just Made The Easiest $4K of My Life

    So true for me too
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    Are you feeling unmotivated? Are you feeling tired? Read This Technic (not a motivational speech)

    I remember watching a movie where the CEO always exercised in random places to take his body by surprise. And I'm with OP in this method. I do that sometimes just to stay alert and to avoid procrastinating when I have something to be done.
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    2023 the year of AI?

    I thought 2022 was already the year of AI But most of the AI generated images I saw are so creepy. Really nice result I see here. May I know what kind of AI tool do you use to generate the contents? Are you using something you made yourself or not? And how long did you have this domain?
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    [METHOD] $100/ A Day & Scalable (BLACKHAT)

    Nice share OP. I hope it will not be saturated soon
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    @Billy Batts This is such a great guide and I was able to follow it through. But I'm completely unable to find the URL to log in the Wordpress dashboard. I tried many things like, and even and and none...