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  1. AzizPro

    [METHOD] Make Your Own PAA Site With OpenAI - Complete Tutorial + FREE Python Script

    First of all I'm totally noob. Please tell me what should I do here? prompt = f"Please write a detailed article about {row['topic']}. Use this information to write the article: {row['context']}" Thanks....
  2. AzizPro

    Need help for this pdf method

    I didn't get it. This link for an example.
  3. AzizPro

    Need help for this pdf method

    Hi, I need help to find this pdf upload method. (Old method not working) Thanks in advance...
  4. AzizPro

    Where to watch FIFA?

    Thanks mate..
  5. AzizPro

    Where to watch FIFA?

    Any suggestions for watching fifa world cup opening ceremony for free?
  6. AzizPro

    I can upload FULL and UNCUT copyrighted videos on Youtube [Brag]

    I can see your proof video gone vacation..
  7. AzizPro

    Google Spam Update October 19th.

    They got me too. I don't understand why.
  8. AzizPro

    How to make 100k from 1k in 3-6 months?

    If you ever made it let me know I'll invest.
  9. AzizPro

    New girl in town

    Girls in bhw? Prove it. Welcome.......
  10. AzizPro

    Is getting scammed part of the game?

    I got scammed more than $10k+ different time but still not so much what I earned in my whole internet marketing career. Don't be sad or disappointed about being scammed. Just try to deal with good people. They are not many but still exists.
  11. AzizPro

    Jasper AI Art tool is giving birth to Aliens

    They predicted the future. This is how we look like after WW3 nuclear war.
  12. AzizPro

    How are they doing it?

    Yeah, everyone want huge money for sharing anything.
  13. AzizPro

    How are they doing it?

  14. AzizPro

    How are they doing it?

    Nowadays, indexing is a big problem for them who are working on CPA marketing. But some people still indexing their link in 3-5 min instantly. I don't know how but they are doing it. last few instant indexing method was. 1. 301 redirecting 2. google news site (old edition) 3. bookmark site 4...