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  1. sci0n

    Can you share your salary : other income ratio?

    I had salary only for some 3 months out of my life and I work since my teens (in my 30s now). I usually pay myself a bunch out of my company or investments once every year or two and just live from that until it runs out.
  2. sci0n

    Teach me something new in just one sentence.

    Most people who earned well in the past 15 years think they are geniuses but in reality most of them just rode the last throes of economic expansion.
  3. sci0n

    My 2 years Research paper got stolen

    That's the common practice in academia. My classmate worked in academia for a long time. At first said it's fine, it's just a hierarchy, so if you stick it out long enough one day you will be that professor and will take that injustice back by putting your name on other people's work. And then...
  4. sci0n

    Where can I buy some images with license?

    I use sometimes.
  5. sci0n

    Binance Walks Away From Deal to Acquire FTX

    I'm just waiting for Saylor to get hunted. Chances like 70% that he will IMO
  6. sci0n

    Some OTC traders and exchanges buying balances now

    1. This fund allegedly pays 15-20 cents per dollar but that was before Binance walked out, not sure about now: contact via Telegram 2. Justin Sun posted on Huobi that they will buy TRX and some other holdings at parity to soften the blow but it is not clear who is eligible for that...
  7. sci0n

    How to get Stripe?

    Yeah there's a couple of them. I got recommended Companio from a guy who sells on Amazon - they had better options for banking than the competition but that was a few years back, it might have changed. To open a company they want you to have the Estonian e-residency card which I already had...
  8. sci0n

    AI writing tools helpful in SEO?

    Yeah happens to me as well. Whenever you're repeating a phrase quite often, flagged as AI. Or if you're writing a guide that's on a basic level, probably will be flagged too.
  9. sci0n

    If you had to choose would you choose the war or carrying on with IM?

    I knew this forum will give me down to earth talk. I mean, it is, isn't it. Ha. I did not think of that. Might actually do that. All the legal experts I speak to tell me this is something that must be done via my country's consul, who told me they don't help with this. I spoke to a lawyer...
  10. sci0n

    If you had to choose would you choose the war or carrying on with IM?

    So I guess I've reached the point where I'll make a personal post on BHW, huh. I am from a place that's pretty close to a current military conflict. I saw the writing on the wall early, left for Brazil and bought a condo here, but in the two years I've been here I have not managed to get...
  11. sci0n

    What supplements do you guys take and why?

    Seconding all of this. There's even a paper in fucking Nature journal that shows that creatine helps the brain, I don't know how is this not a mainstream knowledge.
  12. sci0n

    My music mood today is...

  13. sci0n

    Do you want to be happy?

    Kahneman is a ****
  14. sci0n

    Do you sometimes feel like you would give up?

    Business: Yeah, happens. I find it usually pays to stick it out. Build up money to be able to wait things out. Life: Hell yeah. It's normal. I know how to make money now so I'd feel like a caricature if I didn't at least try to carry on, that's what I tell myself. Btw. IMO it should be normal...
  15. sci0n

    anyone using http/2

    i use it on my servers. i don't know, it gives the domain an extra green tick on "security tests" so whatever, but i don't notice any benefits
  16. sci0n

    Here's a robot that uses GPT-3 for its language processing in conversation with people

    They'll probably need to program a personality for it and apply it as a sort of filter on the generated answer. That's how I edit my GPT-3 content at least.
  17. sci0n

    How is your life as an online entrepreneur? (or whatever we are doing, is called) Mine is pretty grey

    Does this still work? I did this when I lived in Vietnam. It was quite an easy way to socialise there as at that time there was a lot of people who worked independently. In like 2018 you could even just go to the same coffeeshop with a laptop every day and the staff would soon treat you as a...
  18. sci0n

    Here's a robot that uses GPT-3 for its language processing in conversation with people

    they say this one responds reasonably to any sort of question, you don't need to predefine topics and prepare the robot for the conversations. this robot is supposed to always just come up with something, without preparation.
  19. sci0n

    Here's a robot that uses GPT-3 for its language processing in conversation with people

    I use a GPT-3 tool and I totally recognize the output format lol. A bit eerie to watch though
  20. sci0n

    Can i sell Products on etsy which aint handmade

    for sure i see people selling stickers on etsy with no issues. fwiw i see people put generic titles like "vintage aesthetic logo stickers, indie aesthetic stickers" and then the stickers have brand names, but the brand names are not mentioned in text